Save warehouse space – charge 8 batteries simultaneously


Save warehouse space – charge 8 batteries simultaneously  - Tuesday, 27.06.2023

In electric intralogistics we’re seeing increasingly bigger fleets. With the cost of warehouse space on the rise, efficient use of space is a top priority. This includes the battery charging area. Our new solution delivers space-saving battery charging. Take a look at the trak charger HF giant.  


Space-saving design 

Charge up to eight lead acid batteries at a time. From a single unit. Replacing eight individual chargers, the trak charger HF giant saves floor and shelf space. There is only one power connection. So, it’s the ideal solution when space is tight. Or if you’re refurbishing or building a new warehouse.  


Charge several batteries simultaneously 

Often, businesses running large MHE fleets want to charge several batteries simultaneously. The new trak charger HF giant is the ideal choice for single or multi-shift operations. Highly versatile, it can be configured to charge batteries with differing voltages (24V to 80V) and capacities (64Ah to 1550Ah)  


Rapid charging 

Long operating hours and short charging periods impact forklift performance. Rapid charging is the cost-effective route to improved battery availability. With a quick charge capability, our new charger achieves up to 95% state of charge in just 2.5 hours! So, it’s easy to incorporate opportunity charging into your processes. Simply integrate charges during break times and shift changes.  


24-hour operation 

For a 24-hour operation, opportunity charging makes a huge difference. After six charges at 4-hourly intervals battery capacity returns to 100%. Without opportunity charging, capacity would be 62%. Consequently, heavy duty operations maximise their working hours. 


Space-saving battery charging 

Several key features make this charger stand out. A special cooling system protects components from dust and dirt. The charger automatically transitions to recharge mode at the end of charge, compensating for self-discharge. There’s a safety shutdown in the event of battery faults. It’s the fastest pre-emptive shutdown on the market. Redundant switching of the power output stages ensures the highest possible operational safety. Automatic battery recharging is independent of their depth of discharge.  


Touchscreen control 

Operation is via intuitive touchscreen control. Different colours allow you to check charging status at a glance. It’s easy to assess the condition of the charger. Obtaining parameterisation and runtime analyses is simple. Plus, you can view customer data. A download function allows data storage on external media.  


Built-in flexibility 

A rolling side panel allows for quick and easy incorporation of optional extras. Integrate the trak collect battery controller, for example. Or add our trak monitor management system.  


Lower costs 

This modern charger incorporates high efficiency HF power modules. Therefore, it offers major cost savings by comparison with older 50hz chargers. 



Of course, safety is essential. Once again, the trak charger HF giant scores highly. Operational safety is improved due to parallel power output stages. So, even if a module fails, you can still charge your trucks.  



Importantly, you’ll enjoy greater transparency. The trak charger HF giant offers simple, paperless evaluation. Thanks to the large data memory, you can track the charger’s entire service life. 


Further information 

So, are you short of warehouse space?  Do you need to charge multiple batteries simultaneously? Is a rapid charge capability a prerequisite? Find out more about space-saving battery charging today. Call 01782 667306 or email Alternatively, download the brochure.