Switch to electric forklifts


Switch to electric forklifts - Thursday, 05.01.2023

Freightroute commits to providing a first-class end-to-end solution to its customers. Making the switch to electric forklifts made sound economic sense. And offered key benefits. Yet, it was a big deal. The business was adamant that the changeover shouldn’t impact adversely on its quality of service. Hoppecke is delighted to help Freightroute achieve its goals.


Switch to electric forklifts

Indeed, the move to a battery-powered fleet was an enormous success. The palletised freight delivery company is enjoying important operational cost savings. Plus, there’s an environmental benefit. Meanwhile, customer service remains as impressive as ever.


Going green

Like many businesses, Freightroute looks to enhance its green credentials. The switch to electric forklifts is a win-win. Reducing pollution was a key company aim. Not only noise, but also exhaust fumes. The atmosphere in the warehouse and yard improved considerably. The updated MHE solution is undeniably quiet. All of which is good news for employees. It also promotes understanding between neighbouring residents and businesses.


Hoppecke partnership

Initially, Freightroute started the changeover in 2019. Battery-powered counterbalance trucks joined the warehouse fleet. Out went some of the diesel engine machines. However, further benefits ensued once Hoppecke was on board. We’re delighted to partner with Freightroute. Having analysed the operation, we fitted a batcoms datalogger to the existing truck batteries. The results enhanced our understanding of the company’s daily operational requirements.


Further improvement

Subsequently, our recommendations led to battery capacity increasing by 30%. Freightroute also adopted our Trak-Air 5.5-hour charging systems. These dovetail neatly with its set-up. Now, opportunity charging is possible during rest periods. What’s more, there’s a full charge during the morning to lunchtime period.



Yet, operational benefits are only part of the story. Freightroute is also enjoying a substantial reduction in expenses. Both fuel and truck maintenance costs. Hoppecke now provides full maintenance support. The customised contract includes battery topping and cleaning. Plus, it covers charger preventative maintenance. In addition, we collect charger data to support an ongoing operational analysis. Ultimately, the aim is to drive further efficiencies.



Clearly, Freightroute’s switch to electric forklifts is paying dividends. Improved efficiency and extended battery life are among the key gains. The move is also ensuring workforce safety. Meanwhile, high standards of customer service remain the order of the day.