We’re ready for Brexit!


  • We’re ready for Brexit! - Tuesday, 08.10.2019
  • We’re ready for Brexit! - Tuesday, 08.10.2019

Uncertainties surrounding Brexit and what lies ahead have been taxing us all for months. In particular, businesses of all sizes have been working on contingency plans so that, whether the UK leaves the European Union with or without a deal on October 31, they can take steps to minimise the impact on their day-to-day operation.

Challenging time

It is undoubtedly a challenging time for logistics operations. They may well experience spikes in demand during a period when they are already getting into gear for the Christmas rush and the added pressures that arise courtesy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail promotions.

At Hoppecke we take the view that Brexit doesn’t have to be problematic. That’s why we’ve opted to enhance our stock levels, effectively creating a buffer until it becomes clear what shape the new trading ‘norm’ between the UK and the EU and, indeed, the UK and the rest of the world, will take.

Months of extra stock

In preparation for Brexit we’re carrying an extra £2million of batteries and chargers in stock at our UK headquarters. This equates to three to four months of stock over and above our usual levels across and means that a wide range of products will be available for delivery nationwide at short notice.

Hoppecke batteries are assembled in the UK. Taking the decision to bring in greater quantities of components at an early stage means we have everything we need on site, thereby avoiding issues with long lead times or potential delays.

Battery and rental service comes into its own

In the current climate our dedicated battery and charger rental service is set to come into its own. If you find that you need to build in extra capacity in a hurry, it’s unlikely that you’ll relish the prospect of making an additional capital investment. Hiring in the power when you want it may therefore be the most cost-effective way of achieving your goal, since contracts are customised to meet individual business needs and can be set up to run for just a couple of months.

Talk to us today to maximise your existing resources and ensure you have appropriate energy capabilities at all times, not just during Brexit.