rail | power VR

The rail | power VR is a patented technology based on grid type electrodes with a fleece separator. The electrodes use tried-and-tested lead-calcium technology. The electrolyte contains gel additives (ESS technology) and is stored in the fleece separator. As a result, this technology not only offers the benefits of a fleece battery, but also those of a gel battery. The batteries are installed in casings made of stable polypropylene or ABS. rail | power VR batteries have been working reliably as on-board batteries in all railway vehicles. They have also been used as starter batteries in diesel vehicles.

The batteries are resistant to shocks and vibrations that are well above the relevant requirements for railway batteries.

rail | power VR
The advantages
Technical data

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  • High HOPPECKE quality and technology standard
  • Complete systems with sealed batteries

Product data

Construction sealed
Technology Lead-acid
Product group power-line

Norms and standards

  • DIN-EN-60254
  • DIN-EN-60896
  • IEC-EN-61373
  • UL94

Typical areas of application:

  • Special-purpose vehicles
  • High speed trains
  • Local public transport
  • Regional trains
  • Locomotives
  • Others




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