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Go electric for a sustainable MHE solution

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Go electric for a sustainable MHE solution  - Saturday, 29.06.2024

These days, businesses want a sustainable MHE solution. They put in place strict ESG standards. It’s vital to meet them. Invariably, it makes sense to go electric. For Algeco, making the switch mitigates its environment impact. 



Previously, Algeco operated more than 100 IC engine forklifts. Across 30 sites, there were two key issues. High running costs and downtime.  


Sustainable MHE solution 

So, how to combat this? Algeco’s preferred supplier BJB Lift Trucks conducted a full analysis. This incorporated an investigation into carbon neutrality. There was a review of the equipment marketplace. How to power the trucks was an essential consideration.   


Service contract 

Yet, the MHE is only part of the story. Increasingly, busy logistics businesses demand quality service support. A contract tailored to individual requirements minimises downtime. It’s a key part of our sustainable materials handling solution for Algeco.  


Powered by Hoppecke 

Ultimately, Algeco switched to MHE powered by Hoppecke. Our trak uplift air batteries and comprehensive service support represented the best energy solution. The overall package meets fundamental operational objectives. It’s sustainable, promoting a lower carbon footprint. Plus, reduced energy and lower fuel costs mean it’s highly cost-effective.  


Case study 

Read this case study to learn more about our sustainable MHE solution for BJB Lift Trucks/Algeco. 

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