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    Electric energy is required everywhere and in ever more applications. We take care that our products perfectly meet the requirements of the future. A powerful example of that is the trak | systemizer dynamics – the coolest traction energy system for high-current applications.

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  • ENERGY IS MORE. Value you need - solutions you want.

    Discover at the leading international trade fair for transport technology forward-looking energy solutions from HOPPECKE!

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  • HOPPECKE trak

    Mobile energy solutions for the supply of the traction of devices, machines and vehicles used for transporting goods and tool as well as persons.

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  • HOPPECKE grid

    Stationary energy solutions for ensuring the supply quality of electrical supply grids, for securing the power supply of systems in case of malfunctions or failures in the grid, for the operation of emergency power lighting systems as well as for starting generators.

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  • HOPPECKE sun

    Stationary energy solutions for the increase of the self-usage of electrical energy from renewable energy sources in on-grid applications as well as for the development of off-grid power supplies.

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  • HOPPECKE rail

    Mobile energy solutions for securing the on-board electrical system of railway and metro systems, for starting diesel engines as well as for the electrical drive of traction engines.

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trak | powerpack lion - view details

trak | powerpack lion

Lithium-ion retrofit solution especially for industrial logistical applications

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trak | systemizer dynamics - view details

trak | systemizer dynamics

The coolest traction energy system for high-current applications

More information
trak | charger HF premium - view details

trak | charger HF premium

High-Frequency chargers - efficient and smart

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trak | ex - view details

trak | ex

Explosion-proof and ATEX certified batteries

More information
trak | systemizer rapid - view details

trak | systemizer rapid

Fast charging system for productivity gains

More information
trak | power LiOn - view details

trak | power LiOn

Lithium-ion battery systems for traction applications

More information
grid | fnc VR - view details

grid | fnc VR

The grid | fnc VR is a valve regulated nickel-cadmium Battery

More information
grid | GroE - view details


Vented lead-acid battery

More information
grid | net.power - view details


Sealed lead-acid battery

More information
grid | OPzS - view details


Vented lead-acid battery

More information
grid | aquagen - view details

grid | aquagen

Recombination system for stationary batteries

More information
grid | power.bloc OPzV - view details

power.bloc OPzV

Vented lead-acid battery

More information
sun | powerpack premium - view details

sun | powerpack premium

Battery storage system for energy saving

More information
sun | powerpack classic - view details

sun | powerpack classic

Optimise your direct consumption of photovoltaic energy

More information
sun | air - view details

sun | air

Electrolyte Circulation System

More information
sun | fusebox - view details

sun | fusebox

Battery back-up load disconnector for disconnecting and protecting the battery installation

More information
sun | power V L - view details

sun | power V L

Series OPzS - Vented lead-acid battery for cyclic applications

More information
sun | power VR M - view details

sun | power VR M

Valve regulated lead acid batteries

More information
rail | power LiOn 133V - view details

rail | power LiOn 133V

The highest energy density combined with maximum performance

More information
rail | systemizer - view details

rail | systemizer

system solutions for rail vehicles

More information
rail | power LiOn 24V - view details

rail | power LiOn 24V

The highest energy density combined with maximum performance

More information
rail | power VR - view details

rail | power VR

Valve regulated lead-acid battery with innovative Gel–ESS battery technology

More information
rail | power FNC V - view details

rail | power FNC V

Energy storage for railway application - nickel-cadmium technology

More information
rail | power XNH - view details

rail | power XNH

Valve regulated cadmium-free alkaline battery technology

More information

Latest news from HOPPECKE |


HOPPECKE at InnoTrans 2016

Thursday, 28.07.2016

HOPPECKE at InnoTrans 2016 - Thursday, 28.07.2016

Energy is more. Value you need - solutions you want.

From 20th to 23rd September HOPPECKE presents efficient system solutions in all available technologies in the railway segment.

We are looking forward to meeting you in hall 15.1, Booth 211!

As an expert for customized rail battery systems, which have proven themselves for decades in global use, we develop forward-looking systems. We provide solutions for your specific needs and offer a variety of technologies, combined with the best engineering and service performance. Benefit from our experience.

Visit us at the InnoTrans 2016 and discover new energy solutions for your application!

More information: www.innotrans.com




New sun website & KfW promotion

Monday, 13.06.2016

New sun website & KfW promotion - Monday, 13.06.2016

A new milestone in the market segment “Renewable Energy”.

Next to the well-known Website www.hoppecke.com which shows a complete overview of all storage solutions of HOPPECKE products, there is an extra website for storage solutions in the field of renewable energy from now on:http://sun.hoppecke.com/ 

The website with a modern design provides all product information for you in a compact form: data sheets, service instructions and technical information. We warmly invite you to visit our website. And as always, we are looking forward to your feedback, which allows us to optimize our website for you. 

Currently you will find on our sun l website all information about the newly launched KfW program 275, which started on 01 March 2016. As many of you know, new installations are only subsidized, if they own a 10-year-pro-rata-temporis-guarantee issued by the manufacturer. 

Our sun l powerpack premium is approved for KfW. We grant a 10-year-pro-rata-temporis-guarantee on our high-class storage system. 

All documents about the KfW promotion are available for you on our sun l Website. If you have any further question, please contact your known HOPPECKE representative.


Energy is more. Value you need – solutions you want.

Friday, 10.06.2016

Energy is more. Value you need – solutions you want. - Friday, 10.06.2016

From 31 May to 3 June 2016 everything at the CeMAT in Hannover revolved around the topic of logistics – and HOPPECKE was there! The focus at the world´s leading trade fair of intralogistics was on digitalisation und automation. Production processes and logistics become increasingly interdependent, industry 4.0 is present.

In keeping with the motto "Energy is more. Value you need – solutions you want", HOPPECKE demonstrated how an increase in flexibility, efficiency, room for manoeuver and availability can be achieved with application- and sector-specific solutions!

In the outdoor area of the trade fair in Hannover, HOPPECKE presented the products trak | ex, trak | systemizer, trak | powerpack LiOn and trak | service in an area of more than 220 m². The HOPPECKE stand was striking, a big and a small Zendome, i.e. constructions with an arched roof – one could also call these igloos – offered much room for impressive exhibits, interactive digital media and good customer dialogues.

Each sector of industry is different. HOPPECKE finds the appropriate solution for your application.

Safe and of excellent quality, that is the HOPPECKE trak | ex. This traction battery meets all the relevant ATEX requirements and is optimal for the use in industrial trucks in potentially explosive environments. Always application-specific and customer-specific, this is guaranteed by vehicle-specific DC devices and individual through dimensions.

trak | systemizer dynamics is the most efficient lead drive system for high-current applications. As it is equipped with the coolest traction energy system for high-current applications, this system impresses with the adjectives maintenance-free, flexible and autonomous.

trak | systemizer rapid is a decentralised quick-charge system consisting of a lead-acid traction battery with battery monitoring unit and quick charger optimised for the use. All the system components are perfectly matched to one another in order to allow a multi-shift application without battery change.

trak | powerpack lion impresses with high energy availability, cost saving and longevity: no battery change, no maintenance requirements and a full charge within one hour. Additionally, the data logging and CAN communication ensures active safety by means of highly intelligent control electronics (BMS).

The trade fair appearance was rounded off by HOPPECKE trak | service. Behind this are more than 250 service experts who are busy around the clock in the interest of the customer and provide first-class and highly available service. The services come from a single source, directly from the manufacturer. Internationality in this case means to be globally available, to be locally present. Our service portfolio covers the entire life cycle of the energy system of our customer: 360° Lifecycle Services.

Approximately 1.000 exhibitors from 44 countries presented their solutions for an efficient and intelligent control of the logistics chains this year. The CeMAT was characterised by internationality, almost 40% of the visitors and 55% of the exhibitors came from abroad. HOPPECKE is very satisfied with the result at the CeMAT! From 2018 the CeMAT will take place every two years at the same time as the Hannover Fair.