• Well prepared for the EU Battery Regulation

    HOPPECKE batteries already meet the necessary requirements of the EU Battery Regulation from August 2024 and are therefore CE marked from now on. Trust in our tested quality and always stay on the safe side with HOPPECKE.

  • HOPPECKE awarded platin

    We are in the top 1% of all companies rated worldwide by EcoVadis.

  • Optimal use of space for the best footprint

    Get to know the latest HOPPECKE solution for your data center.

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  • Strong service with a strong team

    Grow with us and actively create the future of the energy sector .

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HOPPECKE - Your expert for industrial battery systems

HOPPECKE - Your expert for industrial battery systems

In this world where everything is going electric, HOPPECKE is your partner for sustainable and technology-independent energy solutions. Choose from lead-acid, nickel fibre structure (FNC®) or lithium-ion storage technologies - HOPPECKE offers all relevant storage technologies. Our comprehensive range of products, consulting and services offers solutions for your requirements and challenges in the areas of: 


- Emission-free drives for industrial trucks and machines (trak)
- Secure power supply for data centers, IT and telecommunication systems (grid)
- Renewable energy storage for off-grid and on-grid applications (sun)
- Railway and metro systems propulsion and safeguarding (rail).


With headquarters in Brilon-Hoppecke, with 22 international subsidiaries, more than 2,000 employees worldwide belong to the HOPPECKE family. Today, HOPPECKE is Europe's largest privately owned manufacturer of industrial batteries.


FEATURED PRODUCT - AGM Batteries with pure lead technology

High performance pure lead battery grid | Xtreme VR

The innovative energy solution sets new standards in terms of performance, quality and variety. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes, high-purity materials and the consistent improvement of all components played the most important role in the design of the grid | Xtreme VR pure lead battery.

product page

Battery rack - grid | XtremeStack

To get the maximum number of grid | Xtreme VR top terminal batteries into a complete system with a minimal footprint, the stacking solution makes intelligent use of the available space. The modular approach ensures optimal maintenance, scalability and flexibility.

product page
overview pure lead battery technology - AGM batteries and battery racks

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