Energy storage solutions for renewable energies

For the increase of the self-usage of electrical energy from renewable energy sources in on-grid applications as well as for the development of off -grid power supplies.


Electricity storage as the key to the energy transition

HOPPECKE is in the world of energy at home – today and tomorrow. With our products and services for the energy transition, we offer you solutions which also face challenges of the future. The HOPPECKE competence portfolio sun enables you to secure your power supply, to be independent of electricity prices and grid failures and to make a contribution to environmental protection with self-produced green energy. Our diverse storage solutions are suitable for industrial companies, energy network operators and supply companies, agriculture, municipalities, or other companies in the public sector. Depending on the application, we offer complete storage solutions with capacities ranging from a few kWh to large storage systems in the MWh range, thus enabling the safe and cost-optimized use of renewable energy for on-grid and off-grid application.

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HOPPECKE batteries ensure continuous energy availability

The increasing use of regenerative energies increases the importance of energy storages since a coupling between the fluctuating energy generation and energy demand is necessary. Here our reliable energy storage systems ensure continuous energy availability, precisely when it is needed.

In many regions of the world there is no or only an unstable infrastructure for power supply. Especially in Asia and Afrika, the energy of the sun is ideal to enable a self-sufficient energy supply in these cases. Here HOPPECKE batteries are used to store the regenerative energy and, in this way, realize an off-grid power supply in villages or individual building complexes. 

The classic: the approved HOPPECKE sun | power lead acid batteries optimized for cyclical application

In contrast to batteries for emergency power supply, which are fully charged and wait for their use, sun|power batteries must be capable of cyclic charging and discharging over the entire operating period.

For this demanding mode of operation, HOPPECKE offers lead-acid batteries in OpzS, OpzV and AGM design, which have been tried and tested over many years and are classified according to the battery photovoltaic standard IEC 61427. Each design has its own individual strengths and is suitable depending in the requested conditions.

Lithium storage for further applications

We also offer energy storage solutions based on lithium-ion technology for applications such as increased self-consumption, charging infrastructures for e-mobility, peak shaving and grid services trough our 100% sister company Intilion. The storage units offer high performance, are modularly expandable and can be adapted according to need.



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