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Smart charging and controlling function

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The coolest traction energy system

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sun | - view details

INTILION scalebloc

Skalierbares AC-gekoppeltes Li-Ion-Batteriespeichersystem im klimatisierten Outdoorgehäuse

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trak | intercooler - view details

trak | intercooler

Intercooler battery with air ventilation enabled tray and adapted charging station

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trak | uplift iQ - view details

trak | uplift iQ

trak | uplift iQ is the highest configuration level of the new trak | uplift family. It is equipped with trak | collect, the most intelligent battery controller presently available on the market. This unique communication unit for lead-acid batteries...

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trak | systemizer rapid - view details

trak | systemizer rapid

trak | systemizer rapid is a decentralized fast-charging system comprising an application-optimised lead-acid battery with a battery monitoring unit and a fast charger. All system components are perfectly coordinated in order to enable multi-shift op...

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trak | systemizer powercube - view details

trak | systemizer powercube

The trak | systemizer powercube is a comprehensive solution for battery changing in industrial trucks. The charging container is a fully mobile charging station with an integrated ventilation system, a heater and lighting and features a wide range of...

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trak | systemizer fleet - view details

trak | systemizer fleet

The HOPPECKE trak | systemizer fleet solution enables individual planning, project planning, installation and commissioning of turnkey charging stations and battery changing stations.

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trak | systemizer dynamics - view details

trak | systemizer dynamics

trak | systemizer dynamics is a sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid battery system, which means that it is environmentally friendly and keeps operating costs low. This battery concept is particularly well suited to applications that require high curre...

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grid | supply - view details

grid | supply

Industrial devices for charging and power supply for lead and nickel-cadmium batteries.



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