Grid stabilisation

Battery-based sustaining of the grid thanks to technologies proven in the market - lead-acid and lithium


Grid stabilisation

Charging electric cars from the comfort of your own home when you return from work - without an extra stop at a filling station. That's how it's presented when people find out about battery-powered cars. But what happens if not only one household in a housing estate wants to charge the e-car in the evening, but all households?  

Then the grid is overloaded, because the grid cannot be expanded at the pace that is necessary. As a result, there are power cuts or restrictions. A classic example: the kettle no longer brings the tea water to boil at the usual speed.  

The solution is obvious: a battery in combination with, for example, a photovoltaic system that supports the power by connecting to the grid. The electricity can be used when it is needed because it is temporarily stored in the battery. It is not fed into the grid, but self-consumption is increased.  

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Grid stabilisation is no problem with batteries from HOPPECKE! 

Our wide range of products offers you the right battery, the choice of technology is made together with our professional sales team, who will analyse your needs and make recommendations.  

Lead-acid batteries that have been tried and tested for years are suitable for grid stabilisation applications. sun | power VR M is a low-maintenance battery with low internal resistance and very good cycle stability due to its compact installation. sun | power V L (OPzS) can be used with higher capacities than sun | power VR M but is less low-maintenance. On the other hand, it impresses with its very good cycle life, which gives you a lot of planning security.   

Lithium-ion batteries are also very well suited for grid stabilisation. The INTILION | scalecube and INTILION | scalebloc are suitable for this application, depending on the power requirements. Please contact our sister company for more detailed information about these products: Optimising self-consumption of the PV system and securing emergency power ( 

If you want to combine the advantages of both technologies, opt for a hybrid solution. The combination of lead-acid and lithium is called sun | systemizer. sun | systemizer is suitable if your application has different requirements. Lithium is used when a lot of power (high current over a short time) is needed or fed in. Lead is used when the power is low but the current is needed over a long time. In this way, the systems can complement each other; this leads to investment protection and therefore to a longer service life.  

Have we sparked your interest? Our competent team will help you in a goal-oriented manner with the planning and design of the battery system. Whether it is a new system or an existing system is to be upgraded - we offer innovative and customised solutions for your challenge. Choose the right solution for your application from our broad technology portfolio!

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Grid stabilisation
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