Railway infrastructure

Railway crossings are secured by batteries to ensure safety in the case of emergency

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Railway infrastructure

Railway crossing signals are powered by electricity. The behaviour of the train operator at technically secured, but also unsecured railway crossings is dictated by these signals, in which information about movement clearance and speed is displayed. 

But what happens if there is an interruption in the power supply? In this case, power supply systems, which are installed near the level crossings in the form of batteries, step in reliably and without interruption.

These batteries allow signal boxes, switchgear, and level crossings to continue to be supplied with power. These systems are individually tailored to your needs.

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Lead-acid batteries from the HOPPECKE energy storage portfolio are suitable for power supply in railway infrastructure. 

Thus, the grid | power V H bloc offers you maximum safety and flexibility. The low-maintenance, vented lead-acid batteries are characterised by partial cycle stability, high current capability, and long service life. 

The robust design of the grid | power V H with liquid electrolyte is particularly suitable for UPS applications with short discharge times (1 minute to 3 hours). Due to the high energy density, the investment costs are low and the purchase is also economical thanks to the long service life.

grid | power V M from the product family of vented lead batteries have a high current capacity and are therefore suitable for a high load with short bridging times. The optional use of the grid | AquaGen pro recombination plug minimises the escape of gas and aerosols and thus increases the safety of your system and reduces the maintenance effort.

The pure lead batteries of the grid | Xtreme VR product family also have a high current capacity and are particularly robust at elevated ambient temperatures. The high-power density enables space-saving installation with the grid | XtremeStack rack developed by HOPPECKE, which requires only a fraction of the space required by conventional racks.

It is not only the physical products that round off our system; we also focus on service for all aspects of the system. Maintenance contracts tailored to your needs protect your investment. You can concentrate on your core business, as the condition of your system is regularly checked and adjusted if necessary.

Have we sparked your interest? Then get in touch with us. Our dedicated team will help you define and design your individual system and will continue to be there for you afterwards. 

Enquire about your personal solution with us now. We look forward to hearing from you! 
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Railway infrastructure
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