Safari lodges and hotels

Hotels and lodges powered by regenerative energies with energy storages in the form of a lead acid battery are becoming more and more widespread in Africa.

You too can benefit from HOPPECKE's battery solutions!


Safari lodges and hotels

If a safari is planned, people stay in so-called lodges or hotels in the evening without having to leave the national park. There, the operators of these accommodations want to offer many things: Hot water, electricity, fresh food, and entertainment. To ensure this, energy is needed.

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Often, the national parks are not connected to the public electricity grid. For this reason, many hotel and lodge operators run diesel generators to provide amenities such as hot water, air conditioning and electricity. The disadvantages of diesel generators are obvious: the odour and noise pollution is very high. In addition, transporting diesel from the cities to the remote areas in the national parks is very expensive, besides the high cost of the diesel itself. Plus, it is very environmentally unfriendly.

For this reason, hotel and lodge operators are switching to renewable energy. They use a photovoltaic system with an energy storage system. This is noiseless and odourless and can be used all year round without having to travel long distances to transport diesel. In addition, the CO2 footprint is very good compared to a diesel generator. 


The HOPPECKE portfolio offers you a battery type that is particularly well suited for this application.

The HOPPECKE lead-acid battery sun | power VR L (OPzV) is particularly robust and is used especially in areas that are rather difficult to access; there, regular service for water refilling, for example (as would be necessary with OPzS batteries), is too inconvenient. The OPzV cells are almost maintenance-free according to DIN. This means that an annual check-up of the batteries is necessary, but weekly or monthly maintenance can be minimised or eliminated. 

Our partner system provides a professional battery service according to our high standards. Not only are our partners available for the annual check-up of the batteries, but also if you are interested in KWh billing for the operation of the lodge or hotel. 

If legal regulations allow, HOPPECKE takes back old batteries and feeds them into the recycling process in the company's own metal smelter - up to 99% of the lead can be recovered and used to produce new batteries. Simply contact us should you require more information or assistance with recycling.

We have been a battery manufacturer for more than 90 years. We are the experts for energy storage solutions. We know and understand your requirements, which is how we find the optimal system solution for you.

Have we sparked your interest? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will plan and design your battery system in cooperation with you and offer you an innovative, customised solution.
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Safari Lodges and Hotels
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