Fossil Power Plants

Proven lead-acid batteries help to ensure that in the event of an incident a power plant can still produce and is safe at the same time.


Fossil power plants (e.g. coal, gas and steam power plants)

Power plants are industrial facilities with the purpose of generating electrical energy. In order to put a power plant in a safe state in the event of a malfunction and to continue generating energy, industrial batteries are used for this purpose. To ensure that rotating masses (generators, pumps) continue to turn until a safe, cool temperature has been reached, the batteries safeguard the power plant's control technology and are also responsible for supplying the cooling and lubrication pumps with energy. This ensures that the rotors do not bend when warm and become unusable, as the shafts bend and become unbalanced if they are slowed down too quickly when warm. 

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During power plant operation, the gas and steam turbines run at very high speeds and heat up considerably. Under normal circumstances, operation is ensured by reliable cooling. In the event of a fault, the batteries ensure the supply of energy to the power electronics. This allows the rotating masses to be brought into a safe state and they continue to be supplied with lubricating oil until they come to a standstill. 

The supply lines for the fuels as well as for the necessary ventilation are controlled via valves. In case of an emergency, it must be possible to open or close these valves. This is also ensured by DC supplies or uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS), which are supported by stationary batteries. 

In fossil power plants, stationary lead-acid or nickel-cadmium batteries are used in sealed and also vented design. The system voltages for batteries in power plants range from 24 to 384 volts - the bridging times in modern power plants are usually one to three hours. For downtimes beyond this, diesel emergency power generators are installed in the power plants which can be started with the aid of stationary battery systems. 

Thanks to HOPPECKE, you will find the right battery for your application. Our products meet the high requirements and are therefore approved for use in power plants.

The grid | power V X (GroE) series is still considered the classic power plant battery. If you are looking for the most high-current, sealed lead-acid battery for stationary applications, then the grid | power V X is the choice for your power plant. The design of the positive pure lead electrode ensures a very long service life of up to 25 years.  

Thanks to its special grid plate design, the grid | power V M can also supply large amounts of energy. Both series, grid | power V M and grid | power V X, deliver the high currents required in power plants at short notice and are therefore predestined for this application.  

The grid | power V H bloc (OGi.bloc) series offers good to very good high current characteristics and is therefore very well suited for use in UPS systems. In this series, the neutral electrode is protected by a PE pocket. This reduces the risk of short circuits in the battery to a minimum. This in turn offers you protection against premature failures. 

All three battery systems listed above are also suitable for starting emergency diesel generators and guarantee the greatest reliability for this application. 


For power supplies with longer bridging times, the grid | power V L (OPzS) series is ideal. This battery is very well suited for long-term discharges with low currents. The cycle stability of this lead-acid battery comes from the positive, pocketed plate, the increased service life is achieved by an optimised lead-antimony (low antimony) alloy. 

The grid | power VR L (OPzV) series is recommended as a sealed lead-acid battery. This very low-maintenance battery system can be used in a highly flexible manner, as horizontal installation is also possible in addition to vertical installation. 


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