Village power supply

Rural villages without a connection to the nationwide electricity grid need stationary batteries to power their mini-grid. 

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Power supply for rural areas without connection to the electricity grid

In some regions of the world, for example in rural Africa, villages can be found without an electricity grid structure. There are electricity grids in the big cities, but large-scale supply in rural areas does not always exist.   

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For example, a village may have an existing locally demarcated power grid, a so-called micro-grid, which was previously supplied by a diesel generator. This generator is not only very noisy, but also leads to odour nuisance, which can have adverse health effects. In addition, diesel is becoming more and more expensive, especially since the discussion about climate protection and climate change has moved society. These villages can be offered a health and environmentally friendly alternative with a photovoltaic system together with an inverter and a battery: The island system is expanded, and the diesel generator is only used when the naturally produced electricity is not sufficient.   

On the other hand, there are villages that do not yet have an electricity grid at all. In these villages, an island grid is being built from scratch. HOPPECKE works here with long-term partners to build up the structure that is suitable for rural villages without access to the electricity grid. Batteries, photovoltaic systems and electricity grids require precise planning to guarantee the best possible supply for the village. The villagers' hope: to use electricity to increase prosperity, for example by using electricity to manufacture products or offer services. The previously used diesel generator will only step in in an emergency. This increases the quality of life and the life expectancy of the villagers, as no more toxic exhaust gases are produced.   


Battery systems for every requirement  

The broad HOPPECKE product portfolio enables you to plan the right system for your current and future projects. The products sun | power VR L and sun | power V L are powerful lead-acid cells suitable for larger stand-alone systems. This is due to the high capacities of up to 4700 Ah per cell. This means that large amounts of energy can be provided. Our sun | power VR M is a block battery based on AGM technology (electrolyte bound in fleece). It is more manageable and therefore suitable for smaller systems or for retrofitting an existing system.   

In combination with the sun | air product, you can operate battery systems in which the sun | power V L is installed more efficiently and expect a longer service life: The electrolyte circulation system for stationary applications reduces acid stratification and increases the water refill intervals. So, you save twice!   

HOPPECKE's all-round carefree package with comprehensive services rounds off your system. We provide support in operating the system and are available to you at all times should you face any challenges.   


Our know-how is based on more than 90 years of experience. We are the experts for energy storage solutions and understand you and your requirements. Thanks to our many years of cooperation with many customers in your industry, we can also offer you the optimal system. 

Our competent team will help you in a goal-oriented manner with the planning and design of the battery system. No matter whether it is a new system, or an existing system is to be upgraded - we offer innovative and customised solutions for your challenge. Choose the right solution for your application from our broad technology portfolio!

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Village power supply
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