Energy storage solutions for railway and metro systems

For securing the on-board electrical system of railway and metro systems, for starting diesel engines as well as for the electrical drive of traction engines.

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From trains to subways – Energy supply for operation and emergencies

From hot and cold temperatures to heavy vibrations, our specially tailored systems do their job around the world in some of the toughest conditions imaginable. With their smart technological innovations, HOPPECKE drive batteries are in use from Siberia to the Sahara. These uses include powering public transportation, such as subway trains or automated people movers at airports.

With its rail portfolio, HOPPECKE has been a reliable partner for efficient rail battery solutions for over 30 years, always well prepared for the challenges of the future. Being the single partner of choice for all necessary technologies means having the right solution for every customer need. Alongside its unique FNC® technology for extreme requirements, HOPPECKE also offers lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Whether lead acid, lithium or nickel, HOPPECKE provides all common energy storage technologies. We have the solution that is right for you, and will be happy to answer your questions.

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HOPPECKE rail batteries with unique FNC technology

HOPPECKE has delivered over 2.5 million FNC® cells to customers in the railway sector around the world. This success is down to the many advantages that the FNC® technology has over other energy storage systems. No other nickel-cadmium technology is better suited for the production of special formats than fibre-structure technology. Its enormous versatility allows us to meet the many specific needs of our customers.

High energy density and superb performance with HOPPECKE lithium-ion batteries for the rail sector

HOPPECKE's lithium-ion battery systems feature a modular design consisting of 24-V or 110-V base modules. These base modules are designed to be used either individually or together with multiple modules as a large battery system. The lithium-ion modules are available in two variants: the High Energy variant with energy content or the High Voltage variant with high power density. HOPPECKE lithium-ion base modules have to meet tough quality standards. They are also CE certified and meet UN38.3 "Transport Regulations for Lithium Batteries". We work together closely with several certification bodies and testing laboratories, so that we can certify customer systems for specific applications. By adjusting the design and creating appropriate packaging (trays, containers), we are able to achieve high IP protection ratings.

Proven efficiency – HOPPECKE lead-acid batteries in the railway sector

Gas- and electrolyte-tight terminals ensure excellent operational reliability. HOPPECKE system connectors also increase protection against short circuits here as early as the assembly stage. The plastic-insulated lead poles contain brass inlets, which ensure good high-current capability. The batteries are fitted in sturdy plastic casings. They can withstand shocks and vibrations well beyond those that batteries are typically exposed to in railway applications.

The rail | power V is a tried-and-tested technology based on tubular and grid plate electrodes with liquid electrolytes. The electrodes are designed using lead-antimony technology. The batteries are fitted in sturdy polypropylene casings. rail | power V batteries operate reliably in onboard power systems in all rail vehicles.

The vented HOPPECKE rail | power VR offers patented technology based on grid electrodes and a fleece separator. The electrodes are designed using proven lead-calcium technology. The electrolyte contains a gel additive (ESS technology) and is integrated in the fleece separator. This means that this technology combines the benefits of both fleece and gel batteries. The batteries are fitted in casings made from sturdy polypropylene or ABS. rail | power VR batteries operate reliably in onboard power systems in all rail vehicles. They are also used as starter batteries in diesel vehicles.


HOPPECKE energy worldHOPPECKE rail battery systems meet international standards

Our products are manufactured to international quality, safety and environmental standards.

HOPPECKE batteries and energy storage systems undergo constant development. The rail technology expertise centre in Germany ensures that all our products are developed and manufactured in line with the relevant standards.

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