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Stacking, transporting, storing and order picking - with your forklift truck and HOPPECKE into a safe, efficient and green future!


We meet the energy requirements of all industrial trucks for intralogistics.

From electric forklift trucks and warehouse equipment to tractors in every field of application, such as goods inwards, goods outwards, order picking and storage - we can deliver the perfect battery for your demands.

Changeover from internal combustion engines to electric industrial trucks? 

We can help you with this! Not only protect the health of your employees and the environment, but also reduce your costs per use and your infrastructure requirements. 

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It does not matter in which shift system or in which application you use your vehicle - no matter whether you work in logistics, mechanical engineering or the automotive industry - our products and solutions are ideally suited for this.  

Buying, renting, leasing or invoicing the battery for your forklift truck according to your energy consumption - HOPPECKE offers you all this!


When economy and safety go hand in hand

The high-quality design of our lead-acid batteries enables high-current discharge and rapid charging thanks to the innovative Active Carbon technology. In addition, you benefit from many other advantages due to the use of components developed by us. These include:

  • Increased battery availability through shorter charging times
  • Savings in maintenance costs due to reduced maintenance effort
  • Reduced replacement costs due to increased battery life

In combination with our premium chargers, it is also possible to recharge the battery gently and independently of the degree of discharge. Gain transparency through our smart monitoring systems and optimise the utilisation of your vehicle fleet.

If you are using your vehicle in an environment with special requirements, for example under extreme temperature conditions, trak | powerpack fnc is the right product for you - the nickel-cadmium battery, which has been conceived and designed for special requirements.

Benefit from the numerous advantages of this technology:

Thanks to short charging times and the intermediate charging capability, there is no need to change batteries. This elimination of the need for exchangeable batteries means cost savings for you and at the same time increases the safety of your employees. Thanks to decentralised charging, a central charging station is no longer required. You can use the space gained in your production halls and warehouses for your core business. Nickel-cadmium batteries are suitable for use under difficult conditions, such as deep-freeze applications. Thanks to an additional monitoring system, the operational safety of your fleet is always guaranteed. 

Or you can rely on lithium-ion batteries. Replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium-ion batteries is easy, as no on-board adaptation is required. The batteries are designed for your work profile and thus optimally tailored to your application. The battery is always delivered with a charger - proven technology from one source.

Your advantages:

  • Short charging times
     - 24/7 operation possible
     - No battery changes necessary
  • Rapid return on investment
     - Elimination of battery replacement costs and equipment
     - Reduced maintenance costs
     - Longer service life
     - Reduced energy consumption

Whether counterbalance trucks, low-lift trucks, reach trucks, tractors or any other industrial trucks, we have the right battery for every vehicle. The design of the batteries is carried out by our experienced designers. Together we will design the optimum system for your industrial trucks.  


Our competent team will help you to build and optimise your electrified vehicle fleet. We will show you how to design charging stations, set up and network charging stations intelligently and reduce your energy costs with peak-shaving.

Whether lead-acid, lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium - we offer innovative solutions for forklift trucks. Choose the right technology for your application from our broad technology portfolio!

Ask us for your personal solution. We look forward to hearing from you!

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