sun | power VR M

Efficiency in the intermediate storage of electrical energy is an essential characteristic of AGM batteries, which is closely linked to their very fundamental design. 
In contrast to conventional AGM batteries, the sun | power VRM series relies on a high tin alloy for the production of the electrodes. This, in combination with a high active mass density, leads to excellent cycling properties, which can also be transferred to operation with partial discharge (partial state of charge - PSoC).
The ESS technology developed by HOPPECKE and used in this product makes a significant contribution to avoiding electrolyte stratification. This not only benefits the discharge performance, but also significantly improves the service life in hard cycling operation.
The high quality standard of this product is visible to the user at all times through the use of plastic-moulded and corrosion-free battery terminals, as well as the use of single cell valves.

Area of Application

  • Village power supply
  • Emergency power supply (UPS)
  • Safety lighting
  • Home storage

Product data:

Construction sealed - Gas-tight, valve-regulated battery
Series AGM - Absorbant Glass Mat
Technology Lead-acid
Performance M - Discharge with medium current
Product group Cells, Blocks, Modules

Norms and standards

  • IEC-60896-21
  • IEC-60896-22
  • IEC-61427


Your advantages

  • Maintenance-free regarding the refilling of water
  • Optimized cycle stability
  • Optimum operational reliability
  • Increased short-circuit protection already during installation through the use of HOPPECKE system connectors



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Technical documentation

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Data sheet

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Accessories & options

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sun | power VR L

Storage solutions for renewable energies have to cope with high energy throughputs. The robust gel/tube technology can meet this demand over a wide capacity range.

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