HOPPECKE presents its new trak highlights. Take advantage of our innovations.

trak | uplift impulse - view details

trak | uplift impulse

In compliance with standard dimensions and weights, the innovative tray design with series-connected, 100% maintenance-free AGM block batteries offers a real replacement solution for the conventional wet battery.

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trak | care - view details

trak | care

With the help of a technical inspection we map the overall condition of your battery. This gives you a good insight into the current condition of your battery. This overview minimizes the number of failures and hazardous situations and guarantees an ...

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trak | optimizer - view details

optimizer optimizer

The HOPPECKE optimizer ensures the complete service of your energy storage devices, chargers and charging stations by our customer service at your site.

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trak | fnc - view details

trak | fnc

If you want to use your industrial vehicles 24/7 without changing the battery, then the HOPPECKE trak | fnc is the perfect solution for you thanks to the opportunity charging technology and high-current capability.

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trak | power mini - view details

trak | power mini

The trak | power mini chargers were designed specifically for smaller industrial trucks, electronic forklifts, picking carts,lifting and working platforms and cleaning machines. They can be used for all lead-acid batteries on the market and guarantee...

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trak | xchange BT - view details

trak | xchange BT

The free-moving swap truck was specially developed for electric pallet trucks and low-lift order pickers with lateral battery change. The roller conveyor enables a quick battery change.

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trak | xchange PU - view details

trak | xchange PU

The powered battery change truck was specially developed for electric pallet trucks and low-lift order pickers with lateral battery change. The hydraulic extension allows a quick battery change.

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trak | xchange MU - view details

trak | xchange MU

The manual battery change truck was specially developed for electric pallet trucks and low-lift order pickers with lateral battery change. The roller conveyor enables a quick battery change.

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trak | xchange TU - view details

trak | xchange TU

The manual battery change trucks were specially developed for electric pallet trucks and low-lift order pickers with lateral battery change on roller bearings. The double roller conveyor enables a quick battery change.

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trak | powerpack lion - view details

trak | powerpack lion

trak | powerpack lion is a highly efficient, modular lithium-ion energy system that can be installed in existing industrial trucks which were originally designed to use lead-acid batteries.

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trak | intercooler - view details

trak | intercooler

Intercooler battery with air ventilation enabled tray and adapted charging station

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trak | uplift iQ - view details

trak | uplift iQ

trak | uplift iQ is the highest configuration level of the new trak | uplift family. It is equipped with trak | collect, the most intelligent battery controller presently available on the market. This unique communication unit for lead-acid batteries...

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trak | uplift save - view details

trak | uplift save

Maintenance costs for conventional lead-acid batteries primarily result from topping up with water, cleaning the surface of the battery and checks for damage. The new trak | uplift save battery reduces these costs with the aid of innovative technolog...

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trak | uplift save⁺ - view details

trak | uplift save⁺

Enclosed in the extremly tough and durable Full Protection Tray with closed cover, the all new trak | uplift save+ provides an optimal protection against external influences and is therefore ideal for use in especially dirty environments.

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trak | uplift air - view details

trak | uplift air

Upgrade your trak | uplift battery with high quality trak | air components and profit from many benefits such as lower energy and water top-up costs with ultimate battery availability through reduced charging times. 

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trak | uplift - view details

trak | uplift

If you wish to minimise investment costs and optimally utilise your budget, but also want to use top quality motive power batteries, our trak | uplift batteries are your optimal solution.

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trak | charger HF classic - view details

trak | charger HF classic

Take advantage of the benefits offered by the trak | charger HF classic efficient automatic charger for traction batteries to meet the growing requirements in the fields of logistics and intralogistics.
The trak | charger HF classic is the perfect sol...

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trak | power VL HPzB - view details

trak | power VL HPzB

HOPPECKE trak | power VL HPzB are the first choice when you are looking for reliable, safe and durable solutions, which can be used highly economically thanks to their excellent levels of efficiency.  

They are suitable for all conventional traction ...

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trak | systemizer rapid - view details

trak | systemizer rapid

trak | systemizer rapid is a decentralized fast-charging system comprising an application-optimised lead-acid battery with a battery monitoring unit and a fast charger. All system components are perfectly coordinated in order to enable multi-shift op...

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trak | systemizer powercube - view details

trak | systemizer powercube

The trak | systemizer powercube is a comprehensive solution for battery changing in industrial trucks. The charging container is a fully mobile charging station with an integrated ventilation system, a heater and lighting and features a wide range of...

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trak | systemizer fleet - view details

trak | systemizer fleet

The HOPPECKE trak | systemizer fleet solution enables individual planning, project planning, installation and commissioning of turnkey charging stations and battery changing stations.

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trak | powerpack - view details

trak | powerpack

The trak | powerpack is made up of industrial, maintenance-free monobloc batteries (AGM technology) installed in a self-supporting tray. It can also be fitted with an on-board, high-frequency charger.


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trak | ex - view details

trak | ex

If you value maximum occupational safety and user-friendliness, then trak | ex is the right solution for you. trak | ex is certified in accordance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and ensures maximum safety in potentially explosive atmospheres containi...

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trak | collect premium - view details

trak | collect premium

Take advantage of the benefits offered by trak | collect premium, which determines the status of the battery using real-time measurements, saves data and communicates this to chargers, monitoring units and industrial trucks, including the battery ID ...

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trak | monitor - view details

trak | monitor

The HOPPECKE trak | monitor solution is a complete monitoring solution that covers local charging station management and room, fleet and energy management, including reporting and online access.

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trak | monitor easypick - view details

trak | monitor easypick

trak | monitor easypick is a monitoring system for small to medium-sized companies. The monitoring system was developed for use in charging stations with a change pool and uses a green signal light to indicate which battery in the pool is ready for u...

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trak | aquacheck advanced - view details

trak | aquacheck advanced

trak | aquacheck advanced is a convenient electrolyte level sensor with a two-colour LED display, which guarantees reliable operation at a glance.

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trak | aquacheck classic - view details

trak | aquacheck classic

trak | aquacheck classic is an electronic electrolyte level indicator with a single-colour, green LED that lights up as long as the minimum fill level has not been reached. The LED is integrated into the sensor head and provides reliable information ...

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trak | bloc - view details

trak | bloc

HOPPECKE trak | bloc are sealed batteries for cyclical applications with up to 20% more capacity that comparable battery systems with the same volume. 

Take advantage of the excellent properties offered by trak | bloc batteries, which are also suitab...

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trak | power premium charge - view details

trak | power premium charge

trak | power premium charge is the perfect charger for automatic recharging of all industrial battery types in the field of industrial trucks, storage technology devices, driverless transport systems and electric cars – irrespective of the level of d...

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trak | bloc charger - view details

trak | bloc charger

The trak | bloc HF chargers are a cost-effective and reliable solution designed specifically for smaller industrial trucks, electronic forklifts, picking carts, lifting and working platforms and cleaning machines. With trak | bloc HF chargers, you ca...

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trak | basic FS - view details

trak | basic FS

trak | basic FS chargers are modern, automatic chargers with microprocessor-regulated charging technology for lead-acid traction batteries with fluid electrolyte. They guarantee reliable gentle charging irrespective of the level of discharge. 

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trak | power V L - HPzS - view details

trak | power V L - HPzS

HOPPECKE trak | power VL HPzS are reliable, safe and economical, and offer a high level of efficiency alongside a long service life. If you are looking for a fail-safe, cost-optimised solution that can be used universally for all conventional tractio...

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trak | systemizer dynamics - view details

trak | systemizer dynamics

trak | systemizer dynamics is a sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid battery system, which means that it is environmentally friendly and keeps operating costs low. This battery concept is particularly well suited to applications that require high curre...

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trak | xcharge CS - view details

trak | xcharge CS

The trak | Xchange charger racks enable space-saving storage of chargers used to charge batteries. 

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trak | xchange BS - view details

trak | xchange BS

trak | Xchange are battery stands for horizontal or vertical battery changes involving all types of batteries. They are made from steel and feature firmly welded base plates. Different versions of our components can be used and combined in the batter...

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trak | charger HF premium - view details

trak | charger HF premium

Take advantage of the benefits offered by the efficient and interactive trak | charger HF premium for traction batteries, so that you are able to meet the ever-increasing demands in the fields of logistics and intralogistics. The trak | charger HF pr...

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