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Energy power in Sauerland: SIN_KEEN meeting in Hoppecke

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Energy power in Sauerland: SIN_KEEN meeting in Hoppecke - Wednesday, 24.04.2024

What happens when 13 large energy-intensive companies from the Hochsauerland district (Germany) come together? Well, the sixth meeting of the Sauerland Industrial Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency Network (SIN_KEEN). This month, it took place at our main site in Hoppecke. It was about nothing less than the future of our energy!

Under the direction of the Hochsauerlandkreis economic development agency and with technical and scientific support from the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences and the NRW Efficiency Agency, everything revolved around the question: How can we increase energy and resource efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

The Efficiency Agency NRW presented numerous innovations on funding programmes. Programmes and laws, such as and the Energy Efficiency Act, were presented. The agencies also gave advice on eligibility for funding. This is because numerous funding programmes can be used for planned measures in the area of energy and resource efficiency.

Practical examples from the region showed how companies can become energy self-sufficient and economically successful through innovative approaches. A manufacturing company from the Sauerland region, for example, relies on wind power to cover its electricity needs and produce profitably.

Ludwig Merz, Sustainability and Energy Management Officer at HOPPECKE Batterien, not only presented our company and our energy storage solutions, but also emphasised the importance of energy in our own production process. A central principle at HOPPECKE is: ‘Energy avoidance before replacement’. With the help of energy management software, digital meters and comprehensive transformation concepts in the plants, for example, we are focussing on energy savings.

The event was a complete success. There were lively discussions, ideas were exchanged and new insights were gained. Many thanks to all participants for their contribution.

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