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HOPPECKE´s 95th anniversary

trak | Customer magazine
HOPPECKE supplies leading food manufacturer in the USA

HOPPECKE subsidiary provides 24/7 monitoring of the battery fleet for a leeding food manufacturer

rail | Customer magazine
Rail transport

Cliamte change and rail transport for sutsainable mobility

grid | Customer magazine
HOPPECKE grid | AquaGen Comic

Comic about 2 water drops talking about the use of the Hoppecke Grid Aquagen stopper

rail | Energy blog | Case study
HOPPECKE battery systems safeguard subway trains in the London…

HOPPECKE railway solutions for safeguarding subway trains

News & Stories | Corporate | News
Curtain up for our new corporate films!

Learn more about the new HOPPECKE Corporate film

grid | Energy blog | Whitepaper
Pure lead-acid batteries for telecommunication application

sun | Energy blog | Article
Sustainable access to electricity in the middle of a rainforest in Costa…

Sustainable Access to electricity in the middle of a rain forrest in Costa Rica

rail | Energy blog | Case study
Alstom H3 - Hybrid Locomotive

Europe's first lithium hybrid locomotive - Alstom H3 - Hybrid Locomotive

Corporate | News
New HOPPECKE production site in Europe for the new grid | Xtreme series 

Corporate | Energy blog | Article
Everything’s going electric – The key role of the battery.

rail | Energy blog | Case study
Energy storage for the MG11 Hydro from LINSINGER

MG11 Hydro from LINSINGER

Corporate | News
May we introduce? Our new corporate brochure.

Corporate | News
HOPPECKE joins the Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Networks…

Customer magazine | grid
Happy Birthday grid | aquagen!

Corporate | News
HOPPECKE Christmas Memory