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grid | Xtreme VR – worldwide projects in an overview

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grid | Xtreme VR – worldwide projects in an overview - Tuesday, 16.01.2024

In Germany’s financial centre Frankfurt am Main, at international sporting events, in nuclear power plants, in hospitals, in public sector companies and in data centres all over the world – the HOPPECKE grid | Xtreme VR battery represents a reliable solution for uninterruptible power supply.


Over 800 grid | Xtreme VR blocks in less than three weeks

In summer 2023, HOPPECKE received a short-term request from a hospital in Hong Kong: they needed 864 batteries, as quickly as possible. In less than three weeks, HOPPECKE produced, packed and delivered the grid | Xtreme VR blocks to Hong Kong.


Keeping international sporting events live

A total of 3,456 grid | Xtreme VR blocks safeguard the operation of a major data center in Amsterdam which, among other things, is responsible for the Europe-wide transmission of international football matches. The choice of product was determined above all by the long life of the grid | Xtreme VR batteries: the required service life of at least ten years was surpassed by 50%. At an average temperature of 20 °C, the expected useful life of HOPPECKE batteries is around 15 years.


Full power for a chemical plant 

A major chemicals manufacturer has also recently chosen to place its trust in the quality and expertise of HOPPECKE. Crucial to the company’s choice of the grid | Xtreme VR batteries was their excellent performance characteristics and rapid availability. A total of 320 batteries of the type grid | Xtreme VR 12-180 FT, in two systems with five strings, safeguard the UPS system of the data center.


Small footprint, big impact

For a large solar power provider in Turkey, grid | Xtreme VR batteries ensure a secure supply of power. And they do so with a remarkably small footprint: Taking up just two square metres of space, they provide five minutes of backup time at a load of 1,200 kW.


“It is HOPPECKE’s vision to make electrical energy available to everyone everywhere. Sustainability plays a central role in this. We are proud of our cradle-to-cradle approach, which enables a closed production and recycling loop and, at the same time, delivers the next generation of high-power pure lead batteries in top quality.

With the grid | Xtreme VR battery, we have already been able to set new standards for durability and performance in a multitude of projects all over the world. A service life that is twice as long, 50% less space required than conventional AGM batteries and recycling efficiency of more than 99% – these are arguments that speak very clearly in favour of the grid | Xtreme VR battery.”
Samuele Calgaro
Global Head of Sales product line UPS, Data Center, Telecom


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