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Why grid | Xtreme VR? Responses from HOPPECKE’s partners

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For two years now, the HOPPECKE system – comprising the grid | Xtreme VR and grid | XtremeStack – has been the solution for maximum power on a minimal footprint. It’s not only data center which rely on the HOPPECKE system: it’s also the choice of power plants, telecommunications providers, hospitals and banks. Reason enough for us to ask some partners to tell us what they think.


grid | Xtreme VR in Frankfurt, financial hub
“At Piller, we see quite clearly the advantages of the grid | Xtreme VR in terms of service life and also availability when compared with conventional AGM batteries. Together with the new grid | XtremeStack, the system also sets standards in regard to footprints. We utilise these battery types in a wide variety of applications, principally in the data center and banking sectors. Currently, the grid | Xtreme VR batteries are being used for some banks in Frankfurt, for example.”

Sebastian Sommer
Product Manager Battery Equipment — Piller Germany GmbH & Co. KG


In service in the public sector
“When we worked with our customers to make a decision regarding UPS batteries, the clear choice was the grid | Xtreme VR series from HOPPECKE because of both the very high power and energy density and also the low life-cycle costs (with top energy efficiency). 

During our visit to the HOPPECKE factory in Poznań, Poland, we saw for ourselves the company’s high degree of vertical integration, and the high-tech process reliability and consistent production quality. The visit also confirmed that we were right to choose HOPPECKE. Our company acts as a manufacturer-independent solution provider in the field of power protection (with UPS). We offer our customers only the best possible products in technical terms, together with comprehensive services. This ensures 360-degree of reliability from a single source – and for the long-term, with 24/7 availability for the coming years of operation. We are looking forward to future (data center) projects in which we can build more grid | Xtreme VR and grid | XtremeStack systems in the UPS sector. Because with HOPPECKE, we have found a strong partner."

Franz Heck
Strategic Sales Manager — Sander Elektrische Anlagen GmbH


Full power even in nuclear power plants at 55°C
“We value the excellent cooperation with HOPPECKE during the quotation phase and in the execution of the project. We opted for the grid | Xtreme VR batteries because they can be used at high ambient temperatures of up to 55°C. That was the decisive factor for us when choosing this product. HOPPECKE gives us expert assistance for our various requirements and has a lot of know-how regarding certification and approvals. This is fundamental in the nuclear power sector because every project is different."

Adrian Stoll
Area Sales Manager — Gutor Electronic LLC



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