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grid | Xtreme VR - Keeping international sporting events live

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grid | Xtreme VR - Keeping international sporting events live - Thursday, 01.06.2023

7.30 p.m. on a Friday night – you excitedly turn on the TV and wait for the kick-off of an international football match. The game starts, the tension builds, and the ball rolls towards the goal. Suddenly the lights go out for a few seconds – it’s a temporary power cut.

You can't see anything. What happened? And much more importantly: was a goal scored?


These are questions that you don’t have to ask yourself, thanks to a UPS system (Uninterruptible Power Supply). In the case of a power cut or temporary fluctuations in the mains, it maintains a secure supply of power. And it does that 24/7. 


Peak load balancing for major events

Especially during international sporting events, mains fluctuations and spikes in demand are quite common. Not only do you have many households switching on their televisions at the same time, you also have people accessing the live stream in restaurants, in the stadium itself and at public screenings in numerous cities. And this happens all over the world at the same time. This is why broadcasters rely on an uninterruptible power supply behind the scenes, in the form of batteries. In the event of peak loads, the batteries supply the power required, maintaining the mains voltage and thus preventing a blackout.


grid | Xtreme VR from HOPPECKE safeguards the broadcasting of major sporting events in Europe

3,456 blocks of HOPPECKE’s grid | Xtreme VR safeguard the broadcasting of international football matches across Europe. The batteries are set up in the heart of Amsterdam at an international operator of data center, and provide the required electrical power if the need arises. The required UPS system, including the batteries, was installed and connected in October, in collaboration with a longstanding business partner and UPS manufacturer.


grid | Xtreme VR: rapid availability and long life

Two factors were especially crucial in the decision to use the grid | Xtreme VR: the rapid availability of the batteries and their long life. The data center operator required a minimum lifetime of ten years for the batteries. This is a timeframe that is far exceeded by the HOPPECKE grid | Xtreme VR. Thanks to its special design and the high purity of the lead used in it, its expected service life is an average of 15 years at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. This is a gain of 50% over conventional standard products. The batteries scored high marks for their delivery time, too: they were ready to be installed in Amsterdam within six weeks of the order being received. 



“I am very pleased that the grid | Xtreme VR is securing the live broadcasting of major sporting events. Again and again, I’m seeing the importance of our products in everyday life. Whether for international football matches, luggage handling at airports or the emergency power supply in hospitals, you can rely on the grid | Xtreme VR. With our newly built plant in Poland, we are also superbly prepared for short-term orders.”

Marcel Birkhölzer, Key Account Manager OEM, Data Center





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