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Over 800 grid | Xtreme VR blocks for hospital in less than 3 weeks

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Over 800 grid | Xtreme VR blocks for hospital in less than 3 weeks - Wednesday, 23.08.2023

In numerous areas of our lives, batteries provide a reliable grid and energy supply behind the scenes. Take withdrawing money from the bank, checking luggage at the airport or shopping online, as an example. In some cases, batteries even save lives. In hospitals, for example.

UPS batteries in hospitals
The constant supply of electricity is immensely important here. Without batteries running in the background, vital equipment loses its function in the event of a power failure. In such emergencies, batteries temporarily take over the job of power supply. They bridge the time until alternative power supplies, such as diesel generators, kick in.


Chinese hospital relies on grid | Xtreme VR batteries
You can rely on HOPPECKE batteries, such as grid | Xtreme VR, as a globally active energy management company is well aware. For this reason, HOPPECKE's long-standing partner is now relying on the expertise and quality of HOPPECKE products in a Chinese hospital in Hong Kong. In spring 2023, the hospital needed more than 800 new battery blocks at short notice.


Within three weeks 864 batteries delivered to new UPS system 
Within less than three weeks - a very short time for the production and shipment of such a quantity - HOPPECKE produced, packed and shipped a total of 864 grid | Xtreme VR blocks to Hong Kong. Since then, the batteries have ensured an uninterrupted power supply and are used reliably in case of emergency.

HOPPECKE grid | Xtreme VR batteries convince not only with their fast delivery time
In addition to fast delivery times, the Chinese hospital also benefits from the purchase and use of grid | Xtreme VR batteries. Since the grid | Xtreme VR batteries are based on the latest development standard of pure lead batteries, they save space and also have a significantly longer life expectancy compared to conventional lead batteries. 

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