HOPPECKE grid | Xtreme VR: Winner of 2021 Top Tier Product Award

HOPPECKE grid | Xtreme VR: Winner of 2021 Top Tier Product Award - Monday, 20.09.2021

Finding the best products for your UPS application is not an easy task, but that’s exactly what the Top Tier Products Award is all about.


Safety, energy efficiency, and innovative solutions are crucial for critical equipment that ensures reliable operation of data centres.

“Being able to recognize manufacturing excellence in products and services that are key to the success of our professional readers is an important role for our team,” said Mike Murphy, publisher of Mission Critical.

We are pleased to announce that HOPPECKE grid | Xtreme VR battery has been awarded as the winner of the 2021 Top Tier Product Awards in the category batteries by a panel of third-party judges. The jury rated different products across 10 categories on scalability; reliability; size; ease of installation, use, and maintenance; design flexibility; energy efficiency; security features and other characteristics specific to each category. 

HOPPECKE batteries stand since 1927 for reliability, safety, and innovative design. We are very honoured and grateful to receive this distinction.


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2021 Top Tier Products Award Winners | 2021-08-17 | Mission Critical Magazine


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