Mobile energy solutions

For the supply of the traction of devices, machines and vehicles used for transporting goods and tools as well as persons.

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From batteries for forklift trucks to mobile energy storage systems for powering industrial and commercial vehicles, HOPPECKE provides electrical energy wherever it is needed

With the HOPPECKE trak portfolio, we provide the right drive system for electrically powered systems, machinery and vehicles in every industrial sector. Our technology enables zero-emissions transport of goods and tools. HOPPECKE can provide all the technologies you need, from industrial batteries using lead-acid, lithium-ion or fibre-structure nickel FNC® technology to hybrid units. HOPPECKE trak products and solutions are used to power cleaning machines, lifting equipment and attachments to name just a few examples. Our technology provides power for all kinds of electric vehicles too, including forklift trucks, automatic guided vehicles, commercial vehicles, buses, boats and ships, wheelchairs, rehabilitation aids and leisure vehicles.

Electrically driven vehicles ensure lower CO2 emissions and less noise, especially in cities and urban areas.

Whether lead acid, lithium or nickel, HOPPECKE provides all common energy storage technologies.
We have the solution that is right for you, and will be happy to answer your questions.

HOPPECKE TRAK – Full-power drive

We see ourselves as more than just a supplier of traction batteries and electrical drive systems – we provide energy. We design our products and solutions taking all relevant factors into account, and tailor them to the specific requirements of our customers. Take advantage of our expertise to reduce your investment costs through modular construction and flexible energy systems. Optimise your vehicle fleet and save energy.

Our services for mobile energy supply include modular, long-term planning, project management, installation and commissioning for turnkey charging stations, together with full servicing and flexible, needs-based billing models.

HOPPECKE system solutions offer you a variety of advantages. You can lower your operating costs, increase energy efficiency, reduce maintenance workloads and lengthen the service life of your vehicles, machinery and systems. HOPPECKE also offers digital and connected monitoring and management solutions. These collect and manage battery data, allowing you to take appropriate measures. HOPPECKE's smart technology lets you connect your systems and sites.

HOPPECKE solutions for forklift trucks and similar warehouse vehicles

We meet the energy requirements for all warehouse vehicles used in intralogistics. From electric forklift trucks and warehouse equipment to towing vehicles in areas such as incoming and outgoing goods, order picking and storage.

HOPPECKE's trak portfolio includes batteries and charging products for all relevant technologies. This means we have the right solution for every customer need. The use of our own, self-developed components increases value for our customers. Here, we focus on increasing service life and reducing operating costs. Our portfolio also includes manual and automatic battery changing systems for increased productivity and safety in your business. You can also find individually programmable vehicle fleet management systems, along with engineering and installation services for turnkey charging stations to ensure maximum system and energy availability.

Shaping the digital revolution with HOPPECKE

The digital revolution is also being felt in logistics and vehicle fleet management. Our monitoring systems help you keep a full overview at all times. The HOPPECKE trak | collect is the most intelligent controller on the market today, and the only product of its kind that can measure, evaluate and communicate data for lead-acid drive batteries in all industrial applications. HOPPECKE offers maximum connectivity and flexibility, helping you manage your batteries and vehicle fleet more professionally.

Developing the future with HOPPECKE

Alongside our high-quality products, we also work together with our customers to develop the energy systems of the future. Our customers often involve us very early on in the design and planning phase for new vehicles. Here, they benefit from the individuality and advanced technology we provide.

HOPPECKE trak | power lead-acid batteries

Our trak | power series of lead-acid batteries offers proven electrical drive solutions for industrial systems, machinery and vehicles. HOPPECKE stands for excellent quality and cutting-edge technology. We offer both sealed and vented lead-acid battery systems for powering vehicles. Our product range also includes zero-maintenance lead-acid batteries.

HOPPECKE FNC fibre-structure batteries – A unique solution

Our alkaline HOPPECKE FNC batteries (fibre-structure nickel cadmium) offer advanced battery technology for demanding requirements. They are particularly well-suited to powering vehicles in extreme temperatures for long periods. HOPPECKE FNC technology is the perfect solution when you need unrestricted battery availability. Thanks to their electrochemical properties, you will never again need to fear a sudden, complete power failure.

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