Professional, mobile and stationary, filling devices

trak | battery filling devices

Insufficient maintenance of industrial batteries can contribute to a reduced lifespan of up to 50%. We can offer professional, mobile and stationary, filling devices to give your battery the best conditions for supplying power to your applications and systems. They can help to extend battery life considerably. trak | battery filling devices are divided into 5 groups with different fields of application.

trak | accufiller basic (simplest group), trak | accufiller (advanced series) and trak | cellfiller (single-cell filling) are dedicated to topping up industrial batteries with deionized water. trak | acidfiller is a tool dedicated to refilling single cells of battery with acid. trak | extractor is characterized by simply cleaning battery trays from remaining liquids.

Some devices are equipped with unique pistols with a 14mm nozzle diameter as standard that's compatible with most industrial batteries. Additionally, trak | battery filling devices can also be adjusted for special requirements and be equipped with different pistol types or smaller water canisters.

trak | battery filling devices

Area of Application

  • Others

Product data:

Product group Components & Accessories

Norms and standards

  • 2011-65-EU
  • IEC-2014-30-EU
  • IEC-2014-35-EU


Your advantages

  • Water filling devices can be used for single cell or/and central filling systems depending on model
  • The device with pistol stops filling automatically after reaching stop level
  • Mobile versions consist of 2-step charger inside the device
  • Easy to handle
  • trak accufiller models stop filling when the battery is full
  • trak extractor can drain water, oil, acid etc. and fits the small tube in the battery tray
  • trak acidfiller used to fill acid or alkaline on dry batteries and fills the battery completely without any spill
  • Each device is described in a separate datasheets
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