Lead-acid traction battery system with charger

trak | systemizer dynamics

trak | systemizer dynamics is the coolest traction energy system for high-current applications on the market. 
This battery concept is relevant for applications where high currents in relation to the battery capacity are required. A typical application is in vehicles where simultaneous load requirements such as lifting, accelerating, lowering, braking and bulk material loading are commonplace. 

The innovative system has a high cycle stability and at the same time offers an outstanding power density due to the minimal internal resistance.

Our solution is completely maintenance-free: No water needs to be refilled over the entire battery life. The system contains no free electrolyte and is therefore leak-proof. 

Every trak | systemizer dynamics solution is designed by our team of professionals in cooperation with you to suit your specific application and vehicle. When integrating an onboard charger, intermediate charges can be carried out flexibly to extend the range. Even the shortest intermediate charges lead to effective capacity changes and thus to shorter downtimes due to the excellent charge acceptance. Due to the position-independent use of the battery cells, the system is ideally suited for accommodation in complex installation spaces and allows additional freedom in the development of new vehicles.

Area of Application

  • Utility vehicles
  • Special-purpose vehicles
  • Lifting platforms
  • Agricultural and construction machinery

Product data:

Construction sealed - Gas-tight, valve-regulated battery
Series AGM - Absorbant Glass Mat
Technology Lead-acid
Product group Customized system and complete solutions




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