Vented lead-acid batteries optimized for use in industrial trucks

trak | uplift save

trak | uplift save batteries are lead-acid batteries optimized for use in industrial trucks (such as forklifts). The trak | uplift save has a robust battery tray with lid and thus protects the battery from contamination and violent damage. In conjunction with the trak | aquafill water refill system and the trak | aquacheck electrolyte level indicator installed as standard, water refill costs can be significantly reduced. The robust design of the trak | uplift save battery pays off especially in the case of a battery rental and tough operating conditions. The combination with a trak | charger HF premium charger increases the efficiency of the battery, as save charging minimizes maintenance intervals, making it virtually maintenance-free.

Area of Application

  • Utility vehicles
  • Industrial trucks
  • Agricultural and construction machinery
  • Special-purpose vehicles
  • Cold storage

Product data:

Construction vented - Battery with liquid electrolyte
Series HPzS - HOPPECKE liquid tubular plate
Technology Lead-acid
Performance L - Discharge with low current
Product group Batteries

Norms and standards

  • IEC-EN-DIN-60254-2


Your advantages

  • Low water consumption in combination with the trak | charger HF premium
  • Protection against violent damage due to improper handling
  • Long service life due to electrolyte circulation
  • Reduced control activities thanks to standard electrolyte level indicator



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Technical documentation

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Accessories & options

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