Stationary energy solutions for a secured power supply

For ensuring the supply quality of electrical supply grids, for securing the power supply of systems in case of malfunctions or failures in the grid, for the operation of emergency power.

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HOPPECKE energy storage systems are the best solution for ensuring the supply of energy for companies, and protecting them against power failures. They prevent blackouts from becoming a risk to your business.

The HOPPECKE grid expertise portfolio gives you secure power supply in an emergency, providing both energy and peace of mind. Our reliable energy supply systems are operationally ready at all times to protect people, goods and data. HOPPECKE energy storage systems are used to ensure both the quality and stability of power grids, as well as for backup supply. 

Whether lead acid, lithium or nickel, HOPPECKE provides all common energy storage technologies. We have the solution that is right for you, and will be happy to answer your questions.

HOPPECKE batteries protect industry and infrastructure

A secure power supply is vital in all areas, from systems engineering and industry to airports and hospitals. In the event of an interruption in the power supply, the HOPPECKE energy supply systems provide power seamlessly and reliably. 

Our battery systems also provide backup power supply for rail systems, such as signal boxes, level crossings and switchboards. Our experienced engineers adapt the systems to both customer requirements and the local conditions, whilst our highly qualified service technicians take care of maintenance.

We also ensure secure power supply in data centres. In an age of digital transformation, no one can afford a power failure.

HOPPECKE the right partner for individual, customised solutions for telecoms and uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Telecoms and UPS present a range of complex challenges, from correct system size and energy density in a compact design to the ability to install the batteries in system cabinets. HOPPECKE offers a whole portfolio of high-quality batteries, specially developed for these applications.

Thanks to our smart ESS technology, our batteries can withstand even the toughest operating conditions. HOPPECKE industrial batteries with ESS technology offer greater durability, reduced voltage scattering and improved charging.

HOPPECKE provides system solutions for secure power supply in the event of emergencies and power cuts

Our system solutions approach can offer much more than just energy storage. We can also develop stationary energy systems and self-contained storage solutions, in line with your safety standards. From small backups to full protection against power failure in a processing centre, we determine your needs and provide you with solutions that are tailored precisely to your technical and business requirements. On top of this, you can also benefit from our excellent service available at all times.

Thanks to HOPPECKE's system solution approach, you will no longer need to worry about secure energy supply in future. We love a challenge, and are always confident that we have the solution that is right for you.

HOPPECKE control energy solutions – Ensuring secure power supply for households and businesses

HOPPECKE energy storage systems provide control energy for the power grid. As the amount of power consumed is not always equal to the amount generated, the power grid needs to be held stable. This is because the power frequency in most parts of the world is 50 hertz, with North America the exception at 60 hertz. The increasing use of renewable energies is causing the amount of energy generated to fluctuate even more, as the availability of solar and wind energy varies. This is where HOPPECKE's large energy storage systems come into play by storing energy to keep the level in the power grid constant. This is known as control energy.

Tried and tested – HOPPECKE's proven grid | power lead-acid batteries, in line with DIN standards OPzS and OPzV

HOPPECKE grid | power OPzS and OPzV batteries are used in areas such as energy supply systems, security lighting or telecoms. The HOPPECKE OPzS battery is a vented lead-acid battery that features both a long service life and excellent cycle stability. Thanks to innovative HOPPECKE technology, our OPzS batteries have extremely long water filling intervals. Zero-maintenance batteries are also available with this technology. HOPPECKE grid | power batteries designed in line with the DIN OPzV standard are vented lead-acid batteries featuring a smart gel technology that removes the need to refill them with water altogether. The OPzV batteries can also be installed horizontally to make best use of the available space.