Stationary energy solutions for renewable energies

For the increase of the self-usage of electrical energy from renewable energy sources in on-grid applications as well as for the development of off -grid power supplies.

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Home energy storage systems from HOPPECKE are the perfect way for home owners to ensure secure and reliable power supply at all times.

HOPPECKE's sun portfolio allows you to create your own private power supply, making worries about energy prices and power cuts a thing of the past. Thanks to the green energy you produce, you'll also be doing your bit for the environment.

As the use of renewable energies increases, so too does the importance of energy storage systems. You can use these systems to store solar energy in your home, so you can use it whenever required. You save money and are fully independent of the grid. Storing and using self-generated renewable energy is also suitable for small businesses, agriculture and industrial companies.

In many parts of the world, energy infrastructure is either lacking or very unreliable. In Africa and Asia in particular, energy from the sun can be used for independent power supply. HOPPECKE batteries are used here too for storing renewable energy.

From lead-acid to lithium, HOPPECKE provides all common energy storage technologies. We have the solution that is right for you, and will be happy to answer your questions.

Tried and tested – HOPPECKE home storage systems with lead technology

The sun | powerpack classic offers excellent value for money thanks to constant development. HOPPECKE's AGM ESS technology ensures high cycle stability. The battery is also almost fully recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Businesses can also use HOPPECKE technology to store and use renewable energy

Agricultural or commercial enterprises often have enough space to use solar energy via photovoltaic systems. Many already use photovoltaic systems or wind turbines, but struggle to get a decent price for feeding unused energy back into the grid. With the zero-maintenance HOPPECKE sun | powerpack XL, you can cover an annual energy consumption of up to 160,000 kWh with self-generated electricity. The size is freely scalable from 22.5 kWh to 296 kWh nominal energy content.

HOPPECKE home storage systems easy to connect and use with Plug and Store

HOPPECKE's Plug and Store solution is a dream come true for installers. As the components are all pre-matched with each other, installation can be completed in 30 minutes. Furthermore, the compact components and modular construction enable installation in tight spaces.

The HOPPECKE battery management system – Excellent safety for your home storage system

Our home storage systems use HOPPECKE's own battery management system BMS. This ensures the highest level of safety when installing and operating your home storage system. A range of multi-level and redundant safety mechanisms within the system monitor the battery independently of the inverter. Our patented HOPPECKE battery management uses just two watts during operation. This is one of the reasons for the system's impressive efficiency level of over 90 percent.

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