HOPPECKE grid | fusebox is a ready and quick to install fuse disconnector for battery safety.

grid | fusebox

The HOPPECKE grid | fusebox is a battery installation protection system that meets the safety requirements according to DIN EN 50272-7.

The customised systems, which are made according to the requirements of the battery installation and the IP class of the enclosure, are ready for connection on site. HOPPECKE grid | fusebox components are provided by recognised and proven suppliers, the type of disconnectors (overload protection, overcurrent protection) is selected according to the requirements of the application. 

The wide range of parameters and sizes ensures that the ideal solution for your application is selected, providing increased safety for the entire battery system.

grid | fusebox

Area of Application

  • Others
  • Emergency power supply (UPS)
  • Safety lighting

Product data:

Construction sealed - Gas-tight, valve-regulated battery
Series AGM - Absorbant Glass Mat
Technology Lead-acid
Product group Components & Accessories

Norms and standards

  • IEC-62485-2-2010



Data sheet

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0.4 MB | pdf-file

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