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Save like TechnoCargo with an electric forklift fleet

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Save like TechnoCargo with an electric forklift fleet  - Saturday, 08.06.2024

An electric forklift fleet meets the toughest of challenges. Ongoing advances in technology mean that battery-powered MHE can really go to work. Even in intensive, multishift logistics operations.  


Battery technology 

Choose from modular chargers, high frequency charging, vented and maintenance-free products. Larger capacity, high-performance batteries are becoming the norm for heavy duty operations. Plus, with the right clamps and attachments, an electric forklift fleet can do heavy work more efficiently than its IC engine counterpart. 


Electric forklift fleet 

So, how do you get the best out of an electric forklift fleet? The solution lies in matching battery technology and application. Consequently, you really need to know your operation. It’s also vital to fully understand MHE working hours. Plus, maximising your power supply is key.  



Certainly, electric trucks deliver operational efficiencies. These, in turn, boost productivity. As a green solution it offers a lower carbon footprint. Then, there are the significant energy savings.  



TechnoCargo Logistics should know. The business has always operated with an electric forklift fleet. It’s an advocate of our innovative battery and charger technology. Now, with its latest contract, TechnoCargo expects to save £50,000 a year in electricity costs.  


Find out more 

Learn why TechnoCargo chooses electric trucks in our case study. And how it insists on Hoppecke technology.  


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