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Supporting Travis Perkins Group’s switch from diesel to electric forklifts

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Supporting Travis Perkins Group’s switch from diesel to electric forklifts - Monday, 29.01.2024

Travis Perkins Group is accelerating its decarbonisation plan. It’s making the switch from diesel forklifts to electric. A huge initiative for the UK’s largest building materials distributor. And Hoppecke is delighted to be part of it. 


Project Switch 

Well-underway, the programme involves up to 1,100 trucks. These operate across the Travis Perkins branch network. Dubbed ‘Project Switch’, the initiative is one of the biggest forklift truck change programmes of its kind. A multi-million pound investment is at stake. Electric trucks will replace diesels up to eight years ahead of schedule.  



Certainly, Project Switch is ambitious. Once all new forklifts are in situ, Travis Perkins plc expects a lower carbon footprint. The aim? To reduce scope 1 carbon emissions from its vehicle and plant fleet by up to 6,600 tonnes a year. The target is a 27% reduction in emissions by 2027. 



Significantly, Project Switch is just one of the elements. Travis Perkins Group is also trialling alternative fuels. Plus, it’s investing in driver training.  Raising standards will support the most energy-efficient truck operation.  


A lower carbon footprint 

Project Switch is a prime initiative. It’s an integrated part of a series of decarbonisation roadmaps. These explain how the Group plans to achieve its objectives. Specifically, the 1.5°-aligned carbon reduction targets announced in 2021. 


Latest technology 

Supplied by Briggs Equipment, the forklifts harness the latest technology. Upgraded safety systems are a major benefit. The trucks also feature an improved turning circle. Enhancing site safety, they will reduce stock and racking damage. Importantly, with these improvements, running costs and downtime will reduce. Managing compliance will also be easier.  


Switch from diesel to electric forklifts  

Hoppecke batteries power the Travis Perkins fleet. We are also supplying the chargers. The aim is to make battery changing quick and efficient. Maximising lower cost electricity is key. Therefore, charging trucks overnight will help to save on energy costs. 


Wider support 

Communication is a vital part of the 18-month programme. Travis Perkins intends to raise awareness of its decarbonisation plans. One aspect of this is the new Forklift Truck Champion network. Helping local forklift operators to improve skills, it will drive positive change. Project Switch is due to complete by mid-2024. 

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