Vented, lead-acid battery (OSP.XC series) for stationary operation

grid | power V H

The grid | power V H (OSP.XC series) is a low-maintenance, vented lead-acid battery in conventional technology with liquid electrolyte. The special feature of this series are the thin positive and negative plates, which ensure a low internal resistance. This makes the series particularly suitable for UPS applications with short- term discharge times (1 minute to 3 hours) without under steping the permitted end- of- discharge voltage. A loss of capacity is avoided and the battery is protected from damage.

The batteries are not only ideal for high- current applications, but also ideally suited for partial-cyclical use. grid | power V H batteries offer an excellent, very long expected service life, increased operational reliability and combine excellent performance with a robust design. Typical areas of application for the product range are power plants and energy supply systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or switchgear.

Area of Application

  • Emergency power supply (UPS)
  • Fossil power plants
  • Safety lighting
  • Transformer Substations
  • Control technology

Product data:

Construction vented - Battery with liquid electrolyte
Technology Lead-acid
Performance H - Discharge with high current
Product group Cells, Blocks, Modules

Norms and standards

  • IEC-60896-11


Your advantages

  • Low investment costs due to very high energy density
  • Long service life and thus an economic amortization of the battery system
  • Extremely extended water refill intervals up to very low maintenance, which saves a lot of time and resources



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Accessories & options

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grid | AquaGen pro

The patented recombination system is suitable for use on stationary batteries with liquid electrolyte. It ensures a significant reduction in water consumption.

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