Lead-acid traction battery with Active Carbon

trak | uplift

The trak | uplift battery is a lead-acid battery that is optimized for use in industrial trucks (such as forklifts). The special feature of the trak | uplift battery is the Active Carbon. Exactly matched active materials lead to improved discharge behavior and enable faster charging. Together with the optimized pocket separator, Active Carbon ensures longer cycle life in traction applications.

The first step of trak | uplift batteries is ideally suited for single-shift operation due to its durability and economy. The new pocket separator effectively protects against short circuits.

The pole bushing with labyrinth system, which was specially developed for the high demands of daily traction operation, ensures smooth operation with low maintenance and withstands even heavy mechanical loads. The trak | uplift battery is quickly available as a cost-optimized basic solution. Additional accessories, such as the trak | air electrolyte circulation system, can be easily retrofitted. We are also happy to implement adaptations regarding customer- or vehicle-specific requirements with the trak | uplift.

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Area of Application

  • Industrial trucks
  • Utility vehicles
  • Agricultural and construction machinery
  • Cleaning machines
  • Lifting platforms
  • Cold storage

Product data:

Construction vented - Battery with liquid electrolyte
Series HPzS - HOPPECKE liquid tubular plate
Technology Lead-acid
Performance L - Discharge with low current
Product group Batteries

Norms and standards

  • IEC-EN-DIN-60254-2


Your advantages

  • Rapid availability
  • Universal use
  • Highest quality despite low procurement costs
  • Highest service life in systems with HOPPECKE chargers



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Technical documentation

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Accessories & options

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