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Extensive blackout

Such a scenario alarms citizens and companies, because not only our household appliances are powered by electricity, but also many large installations in companies and institutions that accompany and even shape everyday life.

Large amounts of data are stored in data centers. This data must never be lost, because it would cause a great financial damage to the operators. Data center operators are dependent on a constant power supply, because without the data provided, the entire chain in their customers' companies breaks down. The operators always guarantee their customers access to the data.

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Companies from a wide range of sectors use the services of a data center to store their data there: search engine service providers, financial service providers, cloud providers, telecommunications companies, large online mail order companies, social networks and many more. By using batteries from HOPPECKE in your data centers, you can prevent your data center from crashing in the event of a power failure, therefore preventing data loss.

The products specially tailored to the application bridge the time between the start of the power failure and the supply by, for example, diesel generators, which need some time to provide your system with enough power. The battery is always ready for use and supplies the system with power within a few milliseconds.


In hospitals some patients are dependent on heart-lung machines or similar devices. During operations and in intensive care, it must be ensured that these machines will still function in the event of a power failure in order to save the patient's life.


At railway crossings there are barriers that close shortly before the train passes to prevent accidents. Some of these are fully battery powered. Even mains-operated barriers can still be operated without problems in the event of a power failure thanks to battery systems. In the situation of a power failure, signal boxes and switchgear continue to be supplied with power by innovative battery systems.


Telecommunications companies, which must maintain the infrastructure in addition to data storage and backup, also depend on uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems. They ensure that the landline, internet and mobile communications function nationwide. Especially in the age of digitalization and the networking of companies and households, the supply of the country with landlines, internet and mobile communications is crucial. Imagine the mobile network collapses and emergency calls can no longer be made. In such cases, a HOPPECKE system for UPS is ideally suited, because our products maintain the network until the power failure has ended or an emergency generator takes over.


Product and services go hand in hand

In order to ensure that your system can also be temporarily powered by batteries at any time, it is recommended that you not only use products but also take advantage of the appropriate maintenance services at the same time.

Together with our extensive product portfolio and HOPPECKE service, we offer you perfectly matched products with optimum maintenance concepts tailored to your application.   
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In today's world, in which more and more data volumes are stored, in which the operation of all telecommunication channels must be ensured around the clock, and in which companies and private individuals depend on a constant supply of electricity, HOPPECKE is the right partner for your path into a future with uninterrupted power supply.

Our know-how is based on more than 90 years of experience. We are the experts for energy storage solutions and understand you and your requirements. Thanks to our many years of cooperation with many customers in your sector, we can also offer you the optimum system.

Our competent team will be happy to help you plan and design your UPS system. Whether lead-acid, lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium batteries with their suitable components - we offer innovative solutions for your system.
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