Networking and the competitiveness of business locations can only be guaranteed if high-performance mobile communication networks are reliably and permanently available. HOPPECKE's products can support this.


Batteries for telecommunications and energy storage in industry and companies

Telecommunication companies depend on uninterruptable supply systems (UPS) to preserve the infrastructure (base station) as well as data storage and backup. They ensure that the landline, internet and mobile communications function nationwide. Especially in the age of digitalization and the networking of companies and households, the supply of the country with landlines, internet and mobile communications is crucial. Imagine the mobile network collapses and emergency calls can no longer be made. In such cases, a HOPPECKE system for UPS is ideally suited, because our products maintain the network until the power failure has ended or an emergency generator takes over. 

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With us you don't just get a product, you get a solution! 

The HOPPECKE product portfolio offers a variety of products that are ideally suited for telecom applications.

Our latest product: The grid | Xtreme VR in the front terminal variant. The pure lead battery (AGM) scores with many advantages, among them, the service life expectancy, the low space requirement, and the high flexibility due to the modular expandability are worth mentioning.  

The grid | power VR X-FT is a power solution, which has been used in telecommunications applications for many years. It has a high cycle life and is low-maintenance thanks to AGM technology.  

But it is not only the cells and blocks that are important for the protection of your system; many accessories and services, such as our renowned HOPPECKE Service, are also part of the optimum solution tailored to you.  

Are you concerned about the proper disposal of the products and do you want to protect the environment?

Then HOPPECKE brand lead-acid batteries are just what you need. We are happy to take back your batteries and recycle them in our company's own metal smelter. Up to 99 % of the lead can be recovered and used for the production of new batteries. 


We have been active as an expert in energy storage solutions for almost 95 years. We know your requirements and offer you the right solution for you.

Our team plans and designs your base station installation together with you. Rely on the many years of know-how of our employees and talk to us!

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Energy solutions for telecom applications
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