Oil and Gas

Safely survive malfunctions in oil and gas plants with operationally proven lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries


Oil and gas plants - on-shore and off-shore

The oil and gas industry has long relied on proven batteries that can put the plant into a safe state in case of an incident. For this purpose, they protect the control technology of an oil refinery, a gas pressure control station or an "offshore platform" (drilling rig) and supply the systems with energy so that the functioning of these devices is ensured.

However, special safety regulations apply in these operations because of the products handled, which can quickly become flammable in case of damage and may be dangerous to the environment. Special regulations govern the use and approval of technical equipment, such as stationary battery systems.

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In today's oil and gas operations, whether "on-shore" or "off-shore", stationary lead-acid batteries of sealed and vented design are generally used. In regions with very extreme temperature conditions and especially in off-shore installations, nickel-cadmium batteries are also used.

Due to the space conditions on drilling platforms, batteries with a small footprint are used nowadays. This is where the HOPPECKE grid | power V M series, a sealed lead-acid battery that can supply large amounts of energy thanks to its special grid plate design, scores with its reliability and very good performance.

The grid | power V L (OPzS) series is suitable for power supplies with longer bridging times. This battery is well suited for long-term discharges with low currents. The pocketed positive plate of this series ensures high availability and service life.

These battery series are also used in onshore installations, as they have proven themselves over many years.

The grid | power V X (GroE) series is considered the most reliable of all classic lead-acid batteries for onshore installations in many countries. This battery type is the most high current-capable vented design of a stationary lead-acid battery and has a very long service life of up to 25 years due to its positive pure lead electrodes. If the space requirement plays a rather subordinate role, this series is the first choice.

For smaller stations and therefore smaller capacities, the block variants of the grid and tube electrodes, the grid | power V H bloc and grid | power V L bloc series, are suitable.

Become your batteries maintenance-free using the HOPPECKE grid | AquaGen pro recombination system.

By using these plugs, the ventilation required in the battery room is reduced to 50 % and electrolyte losses are minimised by approx. 98 %. This means that maintenance and service costs can be reduced.


For areas of sealed lead-acid batteries, we recommend the grid | power VR L (OPzV) and grid | power VR M series. Depending on the requirements of the load profile, you can select the optimum for your system from these series. Both very low-maintenance battery systems can be used in a highly flexible manner, as horizontal installation is also possible in addition to vertical installation.


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