grid | power V X

The grid | power V X (series GroE) is a low-maintenance, vented lead-acid 2V cell in conventional technology with liquid electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid). It is characterized by its special structure as completely cast grid with a lamellar structure. The use of high-purity grid lead with a high electrode stability and a low acid density results in an expected design life of up to 25 years.

Where grid | power V X batteries are absolutely reliable energy suppliers in critical applications. Thanks to its excellent behaviour within the entire discharge voltage load, they are ideally suited for high-current discharges of short duration and thus predestined for use in power plants and switchgear.

The product design according to DIN 40738 ensures maximum compatibility when replacing and expanding existing systems and battery installations. In combination with the recombination system HOPPECKE grid | AquaGen you have the option of reducing maintenance costs to the point of being maintenance-free.

Area of Application

  • Emergency power supply (UPS)
  • Fossil power plants
  • Transformer Substations
  • Safety lighting
  • Village power supply
  • Nuclear powerplants

Product data:

Construction vented - Battery with liquid electrolyte
Series GroE - Planté high surface plate
Technology Lead-acid
Performance X - Discharge with extra-high current
Product group Cells, Blocks, Modules

Norms and standards

  • DIN-40738
  • IEC-60896-11


Your advantages

  • Highest energy density and thus space savings
  • Very low internal resistance, which enables maximum energy availability in a short time. This means that your critical infrastructure is optimally secured
  • Maximum design life thanks to the 99.99% pure Planté lead plates, according to EUROBAT and IEEE
  • Mechanical stability of the cells due to the proven DIN balcony design, which also makes this product durable and reliable. Investments are therefore easier to plan



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