Off-grid telecommunications

A stable mobile phone network even in areas where there is no full-coverage electricity network - this is possible with battery systems from HOPPECKE!   


Off-grid telecommunications

Compared to Europe, communication in African countries has grown differently over the past decades. The era of the landline telephone was completely skipped, partly due to the lack of a nationwide electricity network. Today, everyone has a mobile phone, which is used for all aspects of daily life: It is both a communication and entertainment medium, but also a bank account and work tool.

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The importance of a stable telephone network is therefore very great. But how can the mobile phone network be operated permanently if there is no nationwide electricity grid? For many years, off-grid telecom towers were powered by diesel generators. Diesel generators have many disadvantages: on the one hand, the diesel purchase prices and transport costs are very high due to the long distance, and on the other hand, the environment is damaged. This is where the battery comes in!

Photovoltaic systems have now been installed on telecommunication masts for more than 10 years. These include energy storage systems in the form of lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries that temporarily store the electricity generated during the day, which is then used during the night to maintain the mobile network. 


The classic products for off-grid telecommunications systems are large OPzS and OPzV systems. You will find these in high quality in the HOPPECKE product portfolio.

sun | power V L, our OPzS battery for your system, impresses with its high cycle stability thanks to the sophisticated armour plate technology. This means that a reliable power source is always available. 

Combine the sun | power V L (OPzS) with the sun | air electrolyte circulation pump, which removes acid stratification through filtered ambient air. This leads to a longer service life of your battery and reduces maintenance costs as water consumption is reduced. In addition, a lower charge factor is required to fully charge the battery. This results in a faster charging time and a gentler charging process.

In contrast to the sun | power V L, the sun | power VR L (OPzV) is a valve-regulated lead acid battery. It is also suitable for cyclical use in the renewable energy sector and requires less maintenance. For example, water no longer needs to be filled up. This battery can be arranged horizontally, giving you flexibility in installation. 

The high quality of HOPPECKE products pays off, as you can trust on the reliability of supply of the mobile network. The quality is maintained by our local partners who take care of the maintenance of your system. The HOPPECKE team trains the local companies so that they can carry out the services entirely in accordance with our standards. 

Do you want to ensure that a functioning mobile network is set up in remote areas? Then rely on HOPPECKE's support and take advantage of the many years of experience we have gained in this field. Our batteries are tried and tested and are used by many customers in your industry.

Have we sparked your interest? Then simply get in touch with us! Our team is looking forward to meeting you!

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Off-grid telecommunications
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