Stationary energy solutions for renewable energies

For the increase of self-consumption of electrical energy sources from on-grid renewable applications as well as for the development of off-grid power supplies and backup emergency power source.

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Renewable energy storage systems from HOPPECKE are the perfect way for businesses and communities to ensure secure and reliable power supply at all times

HOPPECKE's sun portfolio allows you to create your own private on or off grid power supply, making worries about energy prices and power cuts a thing of the past. Thanks to the green energy you produce, you'll also be doing your bit for the environment.

As the use of renewable energy increases, so too does the importance of energy storage systems. Agriculture, commercial properties or businesses can use these systems to store solar energy so you can use it whenever required. You save money and are fully independent of the grid. From lead-acid to lithium, HOPPECKE provides all common energy storage technologies. We have the solution that is right for you, and will be happy to answer your questions.