History of HOPPECKE

For 95 years, we have been developing and producing innovative storage technologies.

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We owe the start of our more than 95-year history to a strong woman: Auguste Zoellner. In 1927, she encouraged her 62-year-old husband, Carl Zoellner, a major merchant from Cologne, to take responsibility for the region and for people affected by unemployment with the words "Do it, Carl".

Right at the beginning, the Zoellner family signaled its attachment to its new home. Carl Zoellner chose two green fir trees as the company logo, their trunks united by a crossbeam to form a large H.


Our history – in a nutshell

  • 1927    Foundation of the company by Carl Zoellner on September 27th 
  • 1960    Commissioning of the first lead generation plant
  • 1967    HOPPECKE revolutionizes the starter battery market with the first batteries fitted as standard in PP boxes
  • 1973    Introduction of employee share ownership
  • 1977    Start of establishment of 23 foreign subsidiaries
  • 2000    Use of the first HOPPECKE energy storage units for the intermediate storage of regeneratively generated energies
  • 2006    Commissioning of the first turnkey charging stations "made by HOPPECKE”
  • 2011    Delivery of the first lithium-ion systems for intralogistics
  • 2012    Conclusion of the first power availability contract in the USV area, which provides for the rental of a battery system and its monitoring in a data center.
  • 2014    Conclusion of the first energy availability contract in intralogistics, which provides for usage-dependent billing of energy in the charging station
  • 2019    Pooling of lithium activities and founding of INTILION GmbH
  • 2020    Start of series production of the grid | Xtreme VR in China
  • 2021    EcoVadis Gold Medal sustainability award
  • 2022    New production site in Europe: start of production of the grid | Xtreme VR in Poland 
  • 2023    Founding of a railway business unit 
  • 2024    Ecovadis Platinum Medal for sustainability



Discover our detailed company history with time reports, pictures and videos here. It shows how a sense of responsibility, foresight, cohesion, adaptability and innovative strength give rise to new ideas and solutions for the sustainable supply of society and the economy with electricity.

The history of HOPPECKE in words, sounds and pictures: