Values and vision

In order to outline the framework of responsibility more clearly, the following corporate principles have been established after comprehensive internal discussions between a large number of employees.     

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Values & vision

"The primary objective of our company is to maintain its economic and legal independence. We strengthen this, among other things, by ensuring that as many employees as possible participate in the company's capital and thus in the company's success and risk. Excerpt from the Corporate Principles"  – first published in 1987



Our corporate principles

Since the beginning of our history, our corporate principles have guided us and provided constant orientation for our actions and thinking. These include holistic responsibility, cooperation in partnership and continuous improvement.

We think holistically and act sustainably

We see our company as part of a free society with a democratic basic order and market economy principles.

We are responsible for the careful use of the resources entrusted to us - people, capital, time, environment and raw materials - taking into account social aspects and a promotion of environmentally friendly processes, techniques and products.

We welcome our employees' socio-political involvement and assumption of joint responsibility within the framework of our constitutional order, both inside and outside the company.

We are in partnership

We want to be a reliable and strategic partner for our customers.

At the same time, we see ourselves as a problem solver who fulfills the wishes and requirements of our customers.

The maintenance and further development of our company is based on cooperation in a spirit of partnership between shareholders, management and employees. We regard the people employed in our company as the most valuable potential for securing the future of our company.

In the same understanding, employees in Germany have been participating directly in HOPPECKE's profits and capital for over 40 years.

We are continuously developing

We see HOPPECKE as a company that consolidates its market position in a constantly changing environment through its own active basic attitude. Therefore, we are constantly developing our capabilities and possibilities in order to always be up to the challenges of the market.

We conduct future-oriented research and development and market their results as products and processes. We invariably drive our core technologies forward and exploit all potential.

To secure the future of our company and its jobs, we focus on continuous personnel and organizational development. We have made it our task to train every employee worldwide at least once per fiscal year so that every HOPPECKE employee can do his or her job better than employees of our competitors in comparable positions!



Our vision

Our vision "We make electrical energy available everywhere and for everyone" is the translation of our holistic responsibility. It is derived from the corporate principle of "holistic responsibility. 

We help meet the needs of business and society by enabling the availability of electrical energy. This is because we firmly believe that the availability and safeguarding of electricity is one of the most important social requirements and, at the same time, a challenge of our time. 

With a current focus on industrial applications, we provide electrical energy in the desired quantity, at the desired time and at the place where the energy is needed. We are helping to shape the future of energy supply.



Our mission

Our mission is derived from our vision.

We see our mission in developing and implementing the right energy solution for the customer and all his concerns. We achieve this because we are the ones in the market who deeply and completely understand the customer's needs. An understanding that enables us to offer our customers the energy solutions that will take them forward.

„HOPPECKE. Energy that drives your business."