Energy storage systems efficiently maintained: HOPPECKE trains Deutsche Bahn


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Energy storage systems efficiently maintained: HOPPECKE trains Deutsche Bahn - Wednesday, 08.08.2018
Energy storage systems efficiently maintained: HOPPECKE trains Deutsche Bahn - Wednesday, 08.08.2018

At Deutsche Bahn nothing runs without batteries. Even in a rail operating centre, for instance, up to 150 battery cells may be installed for energy storage and these can easily be worth tens of thousands of euros. If these industrially manufactured energy storage units are not maintained, even the latest electronic technology will be useless. The service life of the simplest energy storage devices, such as lead-acid batteries, can also be increased significantly if proper maintenance is carried out.

Battery failure will only be prevented if the maintenance workers really know about batteries and can take proactive measures. At Deutsche Bahn "predictive maintenance" is not merely a buzzword - the aim is to increase the long-term availability of rolling stock and systems, and thereby quality and reliability, while also reducing costs. For energy storage systems this starts with training measures to ensure correct application and proper use, and it concerns everyone, from apprentices to resource planners.

HOPPECKE experts train Deutsche Bahn employees

Two years ago HOPPECKE, as a long-standing business partner and Q1 supplier, began collaborating with DB Training in this area. A foundation course was jointly developed to communicate the highly practical aspects of use, maintenance and servicing of lead-acid batteries, for instance in the fields of CSS (control and safety systems) and TC (telecommunications). These topics are largely applicable to the wide product range approved by DB AG.The seminar is aimed at workers skilled in various trades, those responsible for installations as well as commissioning, maintenance workers, planners, acceptors, subject-matter experts and all battery users. This diversity among DB participants facilitates a lively, cross-departmental exchange.These seminars cover a wide range of topics, from legal foundations to the basics of battery-specific physics and electrochemistry and the design of DC power supply systems and types of application (active standby / floating / half-load operation in control centres and level crossings). Particular attention is paid to the construction and equipment of battery rooms as well as battery care, maintenance, installation instructions and repair. To minimise travel time and absence from work for DB employees, DB Training is offering this seminar at locations throughout Germany - with support from HOPPECKE trainers.

Deutsche Bahn wants to further expand partnership with HOPPECKE

In addition to providing professional training, these seminars also address internal DB requirements, allowing employees to develop specific skills and enabling them to carry out predictive maintenance on energy storage systems.DB Training appreciates the excellent collaboration with HOPPECKE and would like to extend this in the future, for instance with reference to vocational training. Deutsche Bahn derives long-term benefit from employees qualified to handle energy storage systems and to carry out predictive maintenance: intact and correctly maintained batteries reduce energy consumption and are kind to the environment. All of this reduces downtimes and additional purchases, thereby saving costs. Deutsche Bahn would like to thank HOPPECKE for the company's expert and knowledgable support in running these seminars and is looking forward to similar projects.  

HOPPECKE at Deutsche Bahn:

DB and its subsidiaries, such as DB Netz, DB Energie or DB Kommunikationstechnik, rely on HOPPECKE for diverse applications - currently up to 216 VDC. Examples include the following:
-> Safeguarding the operation of level crossings
-> High-performance storage system to provide battery backup in the event of a mains failure, e.g. in rail operating centres
-> Emergency power supply to protect data and communication systems
-> Starter batteries for emergency power diesel generators

Here HOPPECKE delivers a wide range of grid|power batteries

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