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HOPPECKE Service - Introducing our strong team

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Whether in Europe or the USA, Australia or Japan – at HOPPECKE Service, more than 250 service technicians, installers and experts work to ensure that battery systems are up and running, fully assembled and installed, and supplied with necessary updates and maintenance. In other words, to make sure that your operations run without a hitch. Because we are well aware that every minute of downtime costs you a lot of money.
But what are the teams and areas of activity that make up HOPPECKE Service? Let's take a look, and talk to some of our experts.


Bild Sarah


From placement of your order ...

Sahra Sritharan, Material and Project Planning:
“Do you need assistance in putting together your battery systems and large-scale storage projects? Great – you've come to just the right place. We coordinate consultations, make sure that service equipment is available, and plan maintenance visits. What makes HOPPECKE special is that we are a ‘one-stop shop’, taking care of everything from initial contact, to planning and discussion of the installation, to scheduling and execution.” 



Bild Holger


... via installation ...

Holger Diekmann, system installer:
“As soon as your order comes in, we in the installation team get all the relevant information for the order through a special app. In that app, we can see straight away all orders, information and instructions on our tablet. Then we make our way to you. Our service team is in place in different regions all around the world, so we can carry out the desired work very promptly.”  




Bild Christian

… system monitoring, repairs and maintenance …

Christian Lüddemann, Condition Monitoring:
“We stay in close contact even after the system has been successfully installed at your premises. With our digital remote solutions, we can see when maintenance is due for your systems, when the purchase of new batteries should be scheduled or is due, and when a technician is needed. All this is done by HOPPECKE monitoring systems and my colleagues and I in the support team, with the assistance of our experienced service technicians.” 




Bild Hans-Uwe… training to meet your specific needs …

Hans-Uwe Hartmann, Training & Support:
“When you need support for software, updates or something like that, that's where we come in. My colleagues and I offer courses where we get to the heart of complex topics in a clear and understandable way. We do these online or directly on site – whichever suits you best.”




Bild Julia… through to the hiring of batteries and chargers …

Julia Schrewe, Hiring Management:
“And if you realise that you need batteries and charging equipment at short notice to meet sudden peaks in demand, but you want to respond economically and without a major investment, then you can flexibly and easily hire our products. Our used equipment is likewise ready for delivery at short notice and is available in nearly all models. We also give you the option of demand-based billing. What that means for you is that we act as the operator of the system, we supply the system, and you pay each month only for the energy that you actually require. Your monthly contribution is not based on the number of batteries and chargers, but instead only on the amount of energy used, measured in ampere-hours.”



Bild Florian… or the refurbishment and replacement of your batteries and chargers.

Florian Kupitz, technician and workshop supervisor:
“If your batteries have been in use for several years now and are slowly losing performance, then we will give your systems a second wind. Depending on what is needed, we recondition your batteries and chargers, obtain spare parts, or take care of the proper disposal of your batteries.”





But there is much more that can be done – perhaps also with help from you in the near future?

Bild Andreas
Andreas Salmen, product manager:
“As you can see, our customer service is your added value. We are proud that our strong team provides support for our customers for any challenge. We are continuously developing our skills and our offerings. To do that, we need committed support. We have exciting jobs on offer in customer service. Visit us and take a look, at!”





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