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Lithium-ion battery recycling: important milestone reached.

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We are going one step further for a greener future! 

Just about two months ago, we announced our partnership with China's leading battery recycling company, Huayou Recycling Technology. Our common goal: to develop solutions for a circular economy for lithium-ion batteries in Europe. Today we are pleased to have reached an important milestone in this cooperation!

We have successfully disassembled a lithium-ion battery system from a well-known OEM into its valuable individual parts, taking the first significant step in our recycling process and marking an important milestone toward the reuse of used lithium-ion batteries.

Part of this recycling process is also the collection of data to determine the state-of-health (SoH) and quality of the battery cells. This allows Second Life battery cells and batteries to be made available to the market while meeting the highest safety requirements and standards.

The recovery of valuable materials and the reuse of old battery cells have several advantages. On the one hand, valuable resources are conserved, and the CO2 footprint of the supply chain is reduced. On the other hand, this leads to cost savings.

HOPPECKE has been recycling lead-acid batteries in its own metal smelter for more than 60 years. Approx. 36,000 tonnes of used batteries are processed annually. Used lead and lead scrap are collected, refined, alloyed and cast into blocks - and then returned to the manufacturing process. Almost 100% of the lead contained in the batteries is recycled. Most of the lead in HOPPECKE batteries comes from the company's own metal smelter, covering around 70% of its needs.

HOPPECKE's partnership with Huayou Recycling Technology is another valuable contribution to the conservation of resources.

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