HOPPECKE at Data Centre World Frankfurt

May 10th - 11th  |  Messe Frankfurt |  Hall 8, booth A74
We look forward to your visit!

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DCW Frankfurt 2023 - We look forward to your visit!

Whether London, Paris or Frankfurt - Team HOPPECKE will take part in Data Centre World 2023. Come and join us at DCW 2023 Frankfurt to discuss the latest developments and exciting topics:

- How do I set up my data center to be most efficient?
- How do I reduce my CO2 footprint?
- How do data center of the future look like?

Come and meet us – Hall 8, Booth A74. We look forward to your visit!


What you can expect at Data Centre World 2023

This year, HOPPECKE will present the latest solutions for uninterruptible power supply in data center. Get to know our broad portfolio of battery systems and storage solutions and gain exclusive insights into our products. 



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We look forward to seeing or meeting you again at Data Centre World in Frankfurt from May 10th - 11th 2023. Arrange an appointment with our HOPPECKE experts now.

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HOPPECKE as labyrinth sponsor in the live data center of the future

Our battery solutions are available not only at our exhibition booth A74. As a labyrinth sponsor of DCW Frankfurt, we will also be presenting our solutions in the DCW labyrinth/ Data Centre of the future. 


HOPPECKE with speaker on the Mainstage

May 10th 2023 | 16:00 - 16:25 | Dr Andreas Husmann | Data Center UPS without Yeti and Bigfoot [german]

Increased processing power = increased space requirements in data center? 
Nowadays it should no longer be an issue. 

In his talk "Data Centre UPS without Yeti and Bigfoot", Dr. Andreas Husmann, Director of Product Management, explains how the equation can be changed with modern energy storage systems. 

"Batteries ensure the continuous and reliable supply of electrical energy to the data center in the event of a power failure. Modern lead-acid battery technology continues to be used in data center alongside lithium-ion. Reducing the carbon footprint, easy recycling and optimizing costs over the entire life cycle (keyword TCO) are not mutually exclusive. I look forward to sharing more information and details in my presentation about the benefits of using innovative lead-acid batteries in data center UPS."  

Dr Andreas Husmann, Director of Product Management


Preview | Products

grid | Xtreme VR – the next generation of pure lead AGM batteries

The special design of grid | Xtreme VR with its thin plate technology ensures higher energy and power density - this means more usable energy in the same installation space. The result is a smaller footprint, which translates into lower infrastructure costs.

Thanks to the extended operating temperature range of -40° C to 55° C, grid | Xtreme VR can be operated in environments withhigher temperatures, which means significant operating cost savings due to less air conditioning
The high quality and long service life expectancy also reduces OPEX as batteries need to be replaced less frequently. Low TCO and OPEX mean optimal total cost of ownership!  

 >> More about grid | Xtreme VR <<


grid | XtremeStack – optimal use of space with minimal footprint

Lack of space is a common challenge for data center operators. The modular and expandable stack solution grid | XtremeStack with minimal footprint keeps space requirements low. Compared to conventional battery racks, the batteries in the new grid | XtremeStack are stored upright and without gaps. The modular approach ensures optimal maintenance, scalability and flexibility.

Ideal for applications where space is limited and expensive. And best of all: it is available immediately!

 >> More information about grid | XtremeStack <<



Where to find us at DCW Frankfurt

Two days full of power - three opportunities to meet us live: 

  • At our booth A74 in hall 8
  • At the Live Data Centre of the future
  • At the expert presentation by Dr. Andreas Husmann "Data Centre UPS without Yeti and Bigfoot" - May 10th 16:00 - 16:25 h

Get our tips and advice from May 10th - 11th 2023 as well as the latest solutions: We look forward to your visit!