Actions to check the standard-compliant storage of battery systems

Battery Room Inspection

The battery room is tested in accordance with local as well as international norms and the manufacturer's specifications. It serves to ensure standard-compliant accommodation in protected and, if necessary, closed electrical operating facilities. Possible types of accommodation include rooms, electrical facilities, containers or cabinets. These premises must meet certain safety criteria and special requirements depending on the type and size of the battery. Especially the discharge resistance of the floor, the ventilation of the room, as well as its marking with certain warning signs, must be fulfilled by the customer for the standard-compliant operation of stationary battery systems.

Battery Room Inspection

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    • Visual inspection of insulated parts, covers and fuses
    • Visual inspection of safety equipment (gloves, goggles, apron, eye wash, etc.)
    • Visual inspection of disconnectors, fuses, special terminals and connection cables
    • Visual inspection of anti-panic door, floor, ventilation system
    • Visual inspection of warning and information signs, as well as labels and markings
    • Measurement of the leakage resistance from the floor
    • Measurement of ventilation (air flow rate and air exchange rate)
    • Ensure occupational safety Ensure system security Proof of warranty claims
    • Ensure occupational safety
    • Ensure system security
    • Proof of warranty claims
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