Charging a battery to compensate for voltage differences between cells

Equalization Charge

Between the individual cells of a battery it can come to unacceptably large differences of the cell voltage under maintainance charge. In this case an equalizing or calibration charge is necessary to compensate the differences and to bring all cells back to a consistent voltage level. Other reasons for an equalisation charge may be a deep discharge, sulphation of the battery due to insufficient charging or temperature differences between the cells over a longer period of time. Deviations in electrolyte density or voltage values are also characteristics of a necessary equalizing charge. Such charging is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and can be carried out using existing charging technology or with the an external charger.

Equalization Charge

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    Your advantages

    • Placing and removal of tools and devices
    • Delivery, configuration and programming of the charger (external charger only)
    • Disconnect battery if necessary - Connect the cell connectors/connecting cables
    • Measurement of cell voltages before and after equalisation charging
    • Measurement of electrolyte density and temperature before, during and after charging
    • Compensation of cell voltage in case of different voltage values
    • Compensation of the electrolyte density in case of deviations from the nominal value
    • Recovery after deep discharge or sulphation
    • Maximize product life
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